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Hyundai Release The Future For Connected Vehicles With Mobility Vision

Hyundai have collaborated with Cisco to create future ultra connected vehicles that are both intelligent and safe and at the forefront of self driving vehicles in the world.
Posted: January 24, 2017 - 9:22AM
Author: Dave Ashton

The Korean motor giant has teamed up with Cisco to create the next generation of intelligent vehicles, which are not only autonomous but also some of the safest on the road. The idea is to have an ultra connected car which can communicate both ways with road surroundings, detection of other vehicles and be linked to the Internet and the home.

“When you think about how much time we spend in our cars, it’s exciting to consider what can happen when your car truly becomes intelligent. It takes sophisticated networking and integration down to the sensor – and security across the network level to make a hyper-connected car. By combining Hyundai’s leadership in automotive technology with Cisco’s strength in networking and security, we are accelerating the pace of innovation in this exciting space,” said VP James Peters of Cisco.

Many of Hyundai's connected car functionality was debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show(CES 2017), Las Vegas recently where their ‘hyper-connected car’ demonstrated the vehicles of tomorrow and the standout features that will matter the most to tomorrow's drivers. Fully autonomous driving, which will provide the highest level of safety for not just the driver, but all surrounding vehicles will monitor constant traffic conditions and infrastructure. Smart traffic will give the best possible routes based on real-time traffic information and hopefully reduce congestion. Intelligent Remote Service will constantly monitor vehicles operations and resolve any issues ideally remotely. Lastly, the Mobility Hub will be the center point of their connected vehicles which will provide knowledge and assistance with all aspects of a driver's life.

The future connected vehicle hopes to link to everything for the driver, including their home and workplace and everything on their driving journey. The connected vehicle will also update to new innovations as released which will aid in safety and convenience, and also feature the latest in security to reduce any attempts of hacking.
The whole idea is to be truly connected on the move or at home with the car sharing duties at home, such as extra seating space, energy from hydrogen fuel cells or operating any functionality in the house and on the move and an envisaged extension of the home in general.

The Mobility Vision concept of integration sounds interesting and very futuristic, but time will tell if users want a car, come home and garage in one unit. Having ultra connectivity in your car and constant improvements in safety, both in general and for autonomous driving seems to be the way forward for many car manufacturers at the moment. Hyundai's offerings are inspiring and we wait to see if they lead the way throughout 2017.