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The Hyundai Genesis G80 Has Everything But Brand Envy

The Genesis brand from Hyundai may have all the ingredients of a luxury vehicle, but is it the high-end car that will attract buyers from other brands?

The Genesis name was born out of the Hyundai brand, which now brings the Genesis G80 as its premier luxury mid-sized model. The company have hired a wealth of new designers and engineers and produced a vehicle which seems to have all the elements apart from brand envy, which is what the company need to cultivate in the coming years.

Currently, if you want to buy a Genesis you have to go to a Hyundai dealership where you will find the usual line-up of Sonatas, Ioniq and the like, maybe not the luxurious environment you would wish for in the Genesis model. However, dealerships and associations aside, the G80 will be lining itself up against the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class and taking it on face value, it has a lot to offer.

The overall look of the G80 shouts a definite luxury model, rather than a Hyundai spin-off and the winged Genesis logo reminds you that you are getting a brand on its own. Handsome lines give the G80 a look of a vehicle that is more than just ordinary.

You get two engine types as a 3.8 L or 5 L V6 or V8 engine, rearwheel or all wheel drive, eight speed transmission, all loaded with the usual amount of functionality that you associate with its umbrella Hyundai brand. These include things like automatic braking, pedestrian detection, Lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. The top V8 model is good for 420 hp coming with a pricetag of roughly $55,500. You could also wait for this spring for a sport model, which has a twin turbo V6 engine giving 365 HP with adaptive suspension.

Compared with something like an E-Class, the interior of the G80 may lack a few of the amenities, but by no means a second-best. You get plenty of wood veneer and aluminium craftsmanship along with functionality like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There are also seat warmers, sunshades and panoramic glass roof amongst the wealth of functionality. There is also an Ultimate Package if you want features such as a full-color heads up display and 19 inch alloy wheels amongst others.

Brand and prestige are what the Genesis line now need to work on, but if you just take the quality of build, included functionality and comfort levels considered in the price, there is a lot on offer here from the G80. Pulling people away from the likes of BMW and Mercedes may be a big ask on just brand alone or more like the brand's Association, but when you weigh up all the options there are bound to be buyers who eventually plump for the G80.