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Base Tesla Model S P100D Vs. a modified P100DL Drag Race, Who Will Win??

A base model Tesla Model S P100D goes up against a modified Ludicrous P100D to test out weight savings, but which one will come out on top?

The guys at Tesla racing Channel have put on an interesting drag race between seemingly identical P100D's, one being a complete base model with no options thus having potentially better weight saving, but also a smaller battery and a modified Ludicrous P100D with all the trimmings from the guys at MotorTrend, all being tested at Piedmont Dragway.

The weight savings in the base model include the lack of things like the sound system, motorized sunroof or high output on-board charger. There doesn't seem to be a precise or scientific weigh in for both of these cars, but at least it will show how a slightly more basic model S will do against a fully loaded version. The modified P100D also has lightweight aftermarket wheels from Tsportline.

After the head-to-head race the Tesla performed runs against the likes of a modified hellcat, the Murder S10 truck and then the hellcat owner is taken for a ride in the base model Tesla for comparison's sake. This is also an interesting bit where the almost old and the new discuss differences. How does the Tesla transfer to horsepower and torque, where's the engine noise, what's a huge screen for, et cetera....

We won't give any spoilers here to which model S won the day, but it's enough to say that it only takes a bit of weight saving to produce far more power, especially with the base model reaching a time of 0-60mph in 2.33 seconds. If you compare this to Electric GT performances which uses severe weight reduction with special lightweight body panels and a claimed 0-60mph time of 2.1 seconds, the base model out of the box has done very well.

It seems with advances in weight reduction and tire technology, 0-60mph times could quite easily in the near future reach the two second mark and with the base model price at $138,000, it's still quite expensive to reach those times for the average guy. However, it will be interesting when the Model 3 is eventually released the different power outputs you will then be able to get for supposed average car price money. Interesting times ahead.

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