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Hyundai Wants to be Born Again by Genesis and This Is How It's Going to Transform

We all know that Hyundai is a huge company which manufactures many things, from earth movers to cars, but in this country its name became synonymous with cheap. That was the way they broke into the American market. Now they’re movin’ on up.

Kate Fabian has been given the job of transforming a former Hyundai up-scale car into a full line of luxury cars. Her LinkedIn profile lists her as having more than 18 years of working in strategic planning and the execution of multiple brand, product and retail communication for blue chip clients and international sporting federations.(!!!)

Her job is kind of like taking the perennial losers, the Cubbies, and putting them into contention for the pennant! (Wait, what’s that? The Cubbies are what? Wow!) Hmm, maybe that isn’t an impossible task but, it’s going to take some old-fashioned Moxie to pull off.

As I have noted before, when Hyundai first introduced itself to the American public, it was as a car you should consider instead of buying a used car. It was the under 5K car that anyone could afford if they could hold down a job. Unfortunately, that kind of reputation, along with the reputation they garnered for their horrendous quality in their early years, created an image that they have fought for years to whittle down. Arguably, the enduring image of Hyundai caused the mediocre sales of the Azera, the Equus and earlier models. Yes, I know the Equus is still being sold here, sort of, but it isn’t a barn-burner. When they keep changing the names you know you have a problem. It’s called “Semantic Load”. The Elantra has been sold here forever because it meets people’s expectations. The various marques used by Hyundai to sell luxury cars tells you they haven’t.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Hyundai has respect for three major concepts.

Hyundai wishes to use the concept of respect for three major issues as a way to expand the wedge hold they have in the luxury market with the Genesis, now to be renamed the G90 as the first in a cluster of names and models for the separate brand of Genesis.

The first issue that they want to drive home is tradition. While this might seem counter-intuitive in the era of expectations of autonomous EV’s straight from the gestalt of Silicon Valley, Hyundai wants to join the “Club” of Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, Maserati, et al. They believe they can only shove the door open further by seeming to be a member, not a usurper.

The second thing they want to deliver on is “Nature’s Power”. Now I have searched high and low to determine what they mean by this. I. Just. Don’t. Know. They haven’t indicated any green initiatives for this line, I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait for them to flesh this out. For now it’s just Corporation Speak.

Hyundai's 3rd goal is to honor competition.
They are referring to Adam Smith. “Invisible Hand” here that argues that competition creates the best product at the best prices and then “wins.” No argument here. That’s how Hyundai has climbed out of he basement and into competition with some of he world’s oldest and most respected auto makers.

Hyundai wishes to deliver to your door... a sample that is.

They are so eager to get you to consider this new brand, that have indicated they will create a new method for people to sample their wares. They will offer a concierge service which will deliver a model of your choosing to your door for your delectation and trial.

Again, we’ll see. Will people see this as a superior level of service, or as a needy, panicky desire to break in as a true competitor to the big boys? Personally, I’m not convinced, but let’s see what our friends and neighbors have to say about it.

Future Hyundai Genesis Models

Well, we already have the G90, which is the large luxury sedan, and we will soon have: a mid luxury sedan, (G80?), a Mid luxury SUV, a near luxury SUV, a near luxury sedan (G70?), and a Near Luxury Sports Coupe.

This is an ambition rollout from 2017 to 2020. We must await events to see if there are enough buyers to keep them all in play.