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Buick Regal Tourx: Possible Buick Wagon In The Works

The days of the station wagon may be making a comeback in a classy way and Buick may be working on it.

Buick Regal Tourx. Like the name? To me it sounds sporty, but I see a wagon as anything but sporty. The Buick Regal Tourx is speculated to be released in the 2017 under the Buick name brand, based off of the Vauxhall Insignia (Opel Insignia). Details are limited at this point, however, the idea comes from 2 trademark applications that were filed by General Motors to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

These applications were filed for Tourx and Regal Tourx. In the applications, the specifications are for the use of goods and services in "motor land vehicles, namely automobiles."

If the Tourx follows the traditional style of wagons it would be a 5 door version, with minute style changes, of the Buick Regal. I would also expect the powertrain to be a toss up between the turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, or the naturally aspirated variant of the turbo 4. Another possibility is the 6 speed transmission with an AWD option or a FWD option. (Never heard of an American wagon with AWD).

Being a Buick as well, the Tourx would be fully loaded and quite comfortable, as well as equipped with the Wi-Fi hotspot as well as crash avoidance systems. Perhaps Buick would throw in a classic touch, as Buick has been doing throwbacks in its new car styles, such as a roof rack.

I'm sure it's not safe by today's standards, but a nice touch to bring back would be a backwards facing rear bench seat.

Details are sketchy at this point, and I have reached out to General Motors for any confirmation / details. Continue to check back frequently for updates.