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VW Adds Tech Improvements, Changes For 2018 Golf Family

Volkswagen's 2018 Golf family is carrying some awesome new technology. The automaker has been so excited about the changes that it has taken as many chances as it can to discuss the new tech.

Barely days ahead of the opening of the New York International Auto show, Volkswagen sampled its big Golf family for the automotive journalists attending the trade exhibition. Those who had a chance to look at the changes firmly agree that Golf has changed with updated interiors and revised front ends.

VW Golf Family Includes Some Of The Automaker’s Favorites

The Golf family consists of the Golf, GTI, SportWagen, Golf R and Alltrack. The e-Golf rolled last year in Los Angeles.e-Golf rolled last year; specs discussed.

A harried lot of car writers, often seeking the next headline, looked the Golf lineup over closely as the nervously looking at the exits. However, VW held their interest as the VW reps went through each model.

According to reports from the trenches, Golf features new tech and infotainment improvements. The infotainment display is a 6.5-inch touchscreen. It is standard on base units.On the SE and SEL, trim levels, the touchscreen is upgraded further, to 8.0-inches.

Interestingly, VW is taking a page from the Audi playbook for 2018. VW has opted for the Audi Virtual Cockpit (VC), one of the key marketing pieces for Audi in 2018.VW has used VC to replace the very traditional instrument panel with a high-res display, as standard equipment. VC supports Apple’s Car Play and Android’s Audio.

2018 Golf Front Ends Make Models Unique

On the outside, Golf’s front bumpers now wrap around the Golf’s new chrome grille. The same location features LED daytime running lights which can be fitted with LEDs, as well. Looking at the Golf lineup from the rear, one can see that VW has also added LED lighting as standard.

The 2018 Golf family fairly well drips active safety technology. For example, forward collision warning works seamlessly with automatic braking. And, there is also an upgraded pedestrian collision warning system. VW Golf Shakes Up Technology Suite.

As you move up in trim, Golf’s safety technology offering becomes more comprehensive with blind spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, parking sensors, automatic high beams and parking assistance.

The VW Golf lineup did it all last year and continues to do so this year. Indeed, the VW Golf was named The Carconnecton's Best Wagen in 2017. VW Golf Continues to have impact.

VW Golf Was CC's Best Wagen Last Year

Volkswagen has a variety of powerplants under the hood. A 1.8-liter turbo that cranks out 170 horsepower works, as standard, with a five-speed manual. A six-speed automatic also fits.
The Golf GTI and Golf R will come to the party with 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo fours. The GTI’s powerplant turns out 220 horsepower while the R puts out a healthy 292 horsepower with a six-speed manual as standard. Golf R owners can now opt for a seven-speed dual clutch automatic. VW’s European lineup already sports these changes.

The 2018 Golf family goes on sale this fall. The automaker has not yet announced pricing. Prices are likely this summer.