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Porsche Tops Latest Powers Sales Satisfaction Index

For some time, Porsche has been highly thought of as a car brand. Usually, when results of various surveys are tallied, Porsche ends up somewhere in the top 10. Now, Porsche has taken the latest Powers Satisfaction Survey as it has climbed into first place.
Posted: November 15, 2018 - 3:48PM
Author: Marc Stern

For years, the automotive world has thought very highly of Porsches. In just about any quality study, you were sure to find a Porsche or two sprinkled in the top ten.

Study Affirms Findings

You would think, then, that Porsche would rank quite highly in customer surveys. And, indeed, the automaker certainly does. Indeed, a study as influential as the J.D. Powers annual Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) affirms this.

In this year’s SSI, Porsche improved its overall customer rating by three points, making the automaker – for 2018 – the highest-rated carmaker in the opinion of new-car customers.

Calling the “achievement the result of a customer-focused strategy,” Klaus Zellmer, chief exec of the Atlanta-based Porsche Cars of North America,” said “First and foremost, this award is for our dedicated dealers, who have invested significant time in training for their employees and committed $500 million to improving facilities in just the last five years.” He said he credited the strategy’s superb execution to the automaker’s 190-store dealer group.

More Than 25,000 Customers Queried

Based on the responses of 25,748 customers, the SSI Study yields an analysis of the customer perspective of a wide range of people. Customers in the study either purchased or lease a new vehicle this year.

Customers pointed out some excellent points for the automaker and its dealers. Of particular interest were:

  • The delivery process
  • Dealership facilities
  • Working out the details of the transaction

And, shoppers expressed satisfaction with dealership sales personnel and the range of inventory available.

Growth Follows Customer Satisfaction

Zellmer noted that added Porsche sales seemed to go along with growth. “We are glad to see growth going hand-in-hand with continually improving the customer experience,” the Porsche official noted. He also stated that during the first ten months of the year, Porsche sales were up 3.2 percent, compared to the same period last year. It is evidence that the automaker is doing many things right.

Source: Porsche