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Top 5 Porsche Sales of March 2018: Continuing Record Sales Run

Porsche continued its record ways in March, setting records for the month and for the quarter.


Porsche set a new all-time sales mark for March as the automaker moved 4,756 vehicles. This not only represents a new record for the month, but it also represents a year-over-year hike of 6.2 percent. Porsche made its sales announcement on Tuesday.

March continues the sales quarter

The new March record was a continuation of January and February when the automaker had two record months. With March, Porsche now has set a record sales quarter as sales for the first three months of the year are up nearly 10 percent from a year ago to 13,954 vehicles.

Klaus Zellmer, president and chief exec of Porsche Cars of North America, was pleased with the results. “We are pleased to see such a strong customer response for the first three months of the year, especially for our Porsche 911, the 718 model line, and the new generation Panamera. Overall, this is an excellent first quarter for Porsche in the United States.”

March growth leaders were the Porsche 911 up 35.4 percent, year-over-year and the 817 Boxster/Cayman, which grew 45.1 percent from last year. Meantime, Panamera sales roles 27.1 percent over a year ago, when the current generation model line went on sale.

CPO sales also continued record

Meantime, the Porsche Certified Pre-Owned sales program sold 2,029 vehicles, up 28.2 percent year-over-year.

For the record, here’s how the sales lined up for March:

  • All 911 – 2018: 883; 2017 652; Year-to-Date: 2,511; 2,018
  • All 718 – 2018: 489; 2017 652; Year-to-Date: 1,352; 1,106
  • All Panamera – 2018: 704; 2017 554; Year-to-Date: 1,916; 617
  • All Cayenne – 2018; 934; 2017 1,134; Year-to-Date: 3,287; 3,640
  • All Macan – 2018; 1,764; 2017 1,802; Year-to-Date: 4,888; 5,337
  • Grand Totals – 2018: 4,756; 2017 4,479; Year-to-Date: 13,954; 12,718

Source: Porsche