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Kia Plans 16,000-Stinger Recall As Potential Fire Hazard Found

Kia has recalled 16,011 Stingers to fix a potential problem. The vehicles, built from 2017-18, have a problem in the left fender. Due to a burr in the fender, it is possible that a wiring harness may wearing. That wear could mean a fire.
Posted: November 12, 2018 - 12:48AM
Author: Marc Stern


Have you ever noticed that when you purchase or lease a new car, there’s an inevitable increase in the daily contents of your mailbox? You would think that in the Age of the Internet there should be a decrease in the amount of mail.

New Cars Equal Lots Of Mail

But, for whatever reason, in the first say six months of you taking delivery your new charge there is that increase in the physical poundage of mailed material traveling to you via the U.S. Postal Service.

Now, I would hope that this isn’t the case with today’s new car, but, I am a realist enough to know you have little chance of escaping the deluge of mail. When you boil things down, you can toss most of the postal uptick into the round file.

However, some pieces of mail are of crucial importance to you and your new car.

Chief among them are notices regarding safety recalls for your vehicle. Indeed, that is one of the requirements for such notices; you have to receive notification of a recall by first class mail. Depending on the automaker it might range from a simple postcard to longer letters explaining things.

Discussing A Specific Recall

By now, you have probably figured that we are discussing something specific. That specific item is the recall of 16,011 Kia Stringers. Indeed, advises the, Stinger “owners should watch their mailboxes next month for a recall notice.”

The Stinger, the brand’s sports sedan, has been recalled due to a possible problem with a wiring harness, a short circuit, that can increase the risk of a fire. The recall affects Stingers built between July 20, 2017, and June 8, 2018. A wiring harness in these cars may snag on a burr on the left fender apron. If there is contact, the wire insulation may be damaged which can result in a fire. If there is a heat buildup, fire is possible. Vehicles built after June 8 have the correct fender stamping, so there is no problem with the harness.

There are two possible indicators that there is a problem. A multifunction indicator light could light up, indicating there is a problem. Or, the vehicle may enter into “limp” mode, making gearshifts impossible. Meantime, the Stingers is quite a vehicle as a group of reviewers found. Drivers Put The Stinger Though Its Paces.

Recall Notifications Begin In December

Kia will begin notifying owners by mail Dec. 20. Owners can then set up the free repairs. The repair consists of a dealer-inspection of the front wiring harness. If there is damage, the harness will be replaced free of charge. The dealership will also add a plug to cover the hole where the harness may contact the fender. Even if the wiring harness is in good condition, the dealer will still add the plug to prevent future damage.

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