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Ford Steps Up To Help Customers Impacted By Weather

As it has done in the past, the Ford Motor Co. has stepped up to offer its customers impacted by the weather assistance. The automaker's disaster assistance program allows customers affected by the weather to delay a payment or two so things are a bit easier for them.

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About two weeks ago, something happened in Texas that doesn't happen very often. It snowed – a lot – it piled up. For the average Texan, it was more snow than they had ever seen. And, there was another thing that Texans don't experience often. It was cold. It was far colder than very much anyone had experienced before.

Weather Caused Severe Problems

The combo caused real problems. Folks lost their power – some still don't have it back on. And, lots of Texans lost access to clean water. Suddenly, the state residents had to face things that folks north of the middle of the country face every winter. The problem was that Texans don't have the infrastructure that folks in the Snow Belt have. Pipes burst, the power stayed down, there was no heat. It went on for days, causing real suffering.

It was not a comfortable situation, one that would have been easy to downplay or ignore. But, the authorities didn't wait as the administration answered with a quick disaster declaration. Companies like Ford also stepped up, as well. The administration answered the call for assistance with assistance to the hardest-hit counties. The administration declared emergencies in the hardest-hit counties, allowing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to send residents assistance.

Ford stepped up, as well. The automaker announced its readiness to help its customers affected by the freakish cold snap and blizzard.

Under the automaker's disaster relief program, Ford has a program that allows its customers, whose accounts qualify, to delay one or two monthly payments.

"We care about our customers and understand many of them are going through a very difficult time right now," said Shannon Mokhiber, vice president, North America Business Center Operations. "We want to help and are offering them some time to recover."

Ford Program Explained

Customers, who qualify, can initiate a payment deferral immediately, using the company's Account Manager digital tool, or they may call 800-723-4016.

The offer of assistance is available to customers in FEMA-declared disaster areas, leasing or purchasing vehicles with financing from Ford Credit or Lincoln Automotive Financial Services. Customers in other areas who need help are also encouraged to contact the company.

The company will send postcards or emails with information on requesting help to customers in the affected areas.

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