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Ford Offers 5 Lifestyle Packages To Upgrade Bronco Sport

If you are looking for a way to customize your Ford Bronco Sport you might consider one of the five lifestyle packages that Ford is now offering its customers.
Posted: February 10, 2021 - 2:51PM
Author: Marc Stern

If you own an SUV, the chances are good that in one way or another, you would like accessorize it to make it more yours, rather than the factory. It makes sense. As if to prove it makes sense, there is a whole aftermarket just dedicated to customizing an SUV. Recently, I did a story for Torque News on a Roush package for the Ford F-150 Lariat. The whole package cost about $14,500 over and above the price of the vehicle.

Here's An Example Of Upgrading

Using the pricing as a guide, it worked out that that the pickup, whose base cost was about $40,000. Then, adding in the upgrades' cost – which was substantial and added to the vehicle's value –worked out to about $54,000, give or take a dollar.

That people are willing to spend this type of money has been commented on for years both on the Torque News website and others. It does make sense, too, because people like to have their vehicles decked out in the manner they like.

Indeed, Ford is now offering five different packages for the Bronco Sport that takes the base SUV and turns it into something much more special. The lifestyle accessory bundles – Bike, Water, Snow, Camping, and Cargo – are set up to help Bronco Sport owners customize their vehicles and haul more gear to enhance their adventures.

If you have followed the Bronco Sport, you know that Ford designed it with an understanding of what off-road vehicle owners demand from their vehicles. Whether you are driving to the top of a ski slope, the bank of a river, or a deep-woods campsite, the Bronco Sport has the chops to get people to a site with their adventure gear, as well.

Five Upgrade Packages Offered

Equipped with a customer's choice of any of the five dealer-installed accessory bundles, Bronco Sport can easily transport kayaks, bikes, skis, and more. You can also equip the Bronco Sport to handle rooftop camping.

"Every adventure is unique, just as every Bronco Sport owner is unique, and with these accessory bundles, it's easier than ever to make sure your vehicle fits your lifestyle," said Jovina Young, Bronco Sport marketing manager. "Before it even leaves the showroom, your Bronco Sport is a true reflection of you."

All five Bronco Sport dealer-installed accessory bundles feature gear-specific equipment from Yakima™, available at the time of order. You can easily roll them into your Bronco Sport's finance. Bundle details are:


  • Yakima hitch-mounted bike rack (tilt, two-bike)
  • Roof rail crossbars

  • Yakima roof rack-mounted basket (medium, with net)
  • Ford all-weather floor mat


  • Yakima kayak carrier with locks
  • Yakima awning
  • Roof rail crossbars
  • Ford all-weather floor mats


  • Yakima hitch-mounted ski/snowsport rack
  • Roof rail crossbars
  • Ford all-weather floor mats


  • Yakima Skyrise™ HD two-person rooftop tent
  • Yakima awning
  • Roof rail crossbars
  • Ford all-weather floor mats


  • Yakima 16-cubic-foot roof-mounted cargo box
  • Roof rail crossbars
  • Ford all-weather floor mats

Other Ford Accessories Available
Besides the five bundles, Bronco Sport customers can also build their own bundles. Yakima gear represents only a portion of the catalog of more than 100 vehicle accessories Bronco Sport buyers can browse. For more information, check out the Ford Bronco website.

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