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Why some drivers say the 'Autosock' works better than chains in snow

With snow starting to fall in different areas of the country, a new product appears to give better traction than chains. Decide between Autosock vs chains.

With snow starting to arrive, many states are activating their laws that require chains or other protective equipment in mountainous regions. A product out of Europe called ‘Autosock’ claims to be ten percent more effective than metal chains when driving in snowy conditions.

The ‘Autosock’ is made out of a textile material and fits over the wheel. You do not have to use a jack to attach them. Testimonials on their website say they are easier to put on than chains and very effective.

A driver named Richard says he used the ‘Autosock’ on his Mercedes sprinter van to get over Vail Pass, in Colorado, during a heavy wet snowstorm. “On this particular day, there were many cars of all shapes and sizes that were struggling with the wet heavy snow. It was very slippery and my Sprinter Van never would have made it up the pass without the Autosocks. They provided the traction I needed in a very simple easy to use package. Once I was down the other side of the pass, I simply pulled off the road and just as easily removed the Autosocks.”

A driver named Bill uses them on his AWD Sienna, in Oregon. “We live on a long driveway (five other houses besides ours) which has a 15 degree slope. We’ve had lots of ice and snow on the driveway this year. I NEVER would have managed without my Auto Socks. I’ve often stopped at the bottom of the driveway, slipped them on (EASY!) and driven up without any problem. Next time I go out, I remove them (Easy AGAIN!) at the bottom of our hill.”

It is recommended that you remove the socks once you are out of the snowy weather. Because they are made of material, driving on just wet or dry pavement will wear them out faster.

The ‘Autosock’ is sold in pairs and can be used on all types of vehicles. They can be used on 4WD and AWD vehicles, as well as front or rear-wheel drive. According to their website, “Place the AutoSock on your drive axle. For front wheel drive, place on front tires. For rear wheel drive, place on rear wheels.”

Autosocks vs Chains

They can even be used in emergency situations for Semis and large trucks. Their website claims that ‘Autosocks’ are approved in all states to be used in lieu of chains.

A check of their website finds that a pair of the ‘Autosocks’ cost between $69 and $99 for most cars. They larger sizes are more expensive. They are re-usable. You just have to take them off and let them dry between uses.

They may not be cost-effective if you drive in heavy snow daily or for long periods of time. However, they may be a great safeguard to have in your trunk, if you live in an area where you can often be stuck in the snow.

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