Why 2016 & 2017 Chevrolet Camaro owners are furious over a rattle sound

Chevrolet says they have a fix for the mysterious rattle sound coming from the rear of the performance car. However, some owners say the fix hasn't worked and it is driving them crazy.

The driver of a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS is complaining of a rattling noise in his new ride. Masa, from Canada, says it is unlike anything he has ever experienced before. “There is an audible rattle that at times sounds like metal on metal or a grinding metallic sound on acceleration. It is intermittent and comes from the right rear of the car and sounds like it's coming directly from the right rear tail pipe where the valve is located.”

Masa is furious because he isn’t getting satisfaction from his dealership. “This is a brand new Camaro 2ss with no more than 1500 miles on it. There's no way in hell I'm going to accept a brand new car with a rattling exhaust. I will be contacting GM directly and escalating this. One way or the other it will get fixed or they can take the car back. I did not buy a Camaro to inherit a rattling exhaust. I expect many of you feel the same way.”

If this sounds familiar, it is because countless 2016 Camaro owners had the same issue. Chevrolet thought they had come up with a fix. It involved using epoxy to fasten a ceramic pin that was vibrating in the exhaust system. Masa’s mechanic’s tried that. “He found an issue in his system that had something to do with the ceramic pin and using an epoxy. Unfortunately the fix they put in place did not resolve it.”

Russell, from Peoria, IL, has a 1LT RS and says he has similar problems. “I have this same issue on my RS. It has now been in the shop 5 times to fix it. They have even replaced the door panels. No fix can be figured out and GM has even been notified. They released a bulletin for this issue and it did not work. I am hoping they find the issue because it is constant while driving and even if you try to drown it out by the radio it just makes it worse.”

Andrisek, from Idaho, is similarly frustrated. “I'm having the same "tin can" buzzing sound on the passenger side rear. My 2016 2SS only has 2200 miles on it and I noticed it almost immediately after purchase.”

Andrew, from Virginia, is angry. “Until there's a recall were $&@!?$.”

• The bulletin that was issued last May, only applies to the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro model year

• Document ID: 4525114

• #16­NA­173: Exhaust Rattle Originating from Rear of Vehicle ­ (May 27, 2016)

• Subject: Exhaust Rattle Noise Originating from Rear of Vehicle

The situation has drivers frustrated and angry. A California driver says, “Got the fix done, my rattle went away. Now it is back. Lol back to the dealer.”

But other owners aren’t laughing. Slem, another Canadian driver, who has a 2016 Camaro 2SS says, “GM needs to step up and fix this and some other known issues, or stop selling the cars until it's fixed.”

Masa is tired of the problems and getting angrier by the day. “Time to get the entire system replaced if they can't fix it because I'm not driving a 2017 Camaro with a rattling exhaust. One of the main reasons I bought this car was a great sounding exhaust and the fact that they had an NPP mode. Hopefully there is a proper solution to this problem because the Camaro is a wicked car. Not so wicked with a vibrating exhaust.”

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It gets worse. The rattle is so the dual exhaust doesn't bump against each other. Wait until the welded on this connector for the exhaust falls off then you have two holes with they exhaust coming directly out of it. Your car sounds like garbage and out of warranty it cost $3k to replace the entire exhaust. You could just cut and weld a piece on... But Good luck