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What is causing the infotainment screen to flicker on 2014 Chevrolet Corvettes

It is a relatively common complaint. Drivers find that their information/entertainment screen on a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette starts to flicker or even roll like an old television screen. Drivers give their advice for getting it fixed.

This problem with the infotainment center on the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette recently resurfaced on one of the popular Corvette forums. The problem was prevalent enough that Chevrolet had to issue a TSB or Technical Service Bulletin about the repair. A driver who currently owns his third Chevrolet Corvette asks, “Can someone point me to the TSB for the flickering NAV screen issue? I searched but could not find it. Thanks!”

Once it starts, the flickering can be terribly distracting. One driver describes it like this, “My infotainment center started flickering a couple of weeks back then it would stay on like everything was okay. Now just about every other time I get in my car it either goes completely blank with no backup camera or it flickers like it's getting some kind of interference for the screen rolls like a bad 70's TV antenna. I was just wondering if anyone else had had this problem and had it fixed? If so how did they fix it was it simply re-program or did they have to replace the entire unit?”

Corvette's Infotainment's Expensive Fix

Seven asked the dealer about the issue. “I have been dealing with the same issue for 1 year, finally decided to stop by the dealer this morning. They said the "radio" needed to be replaced. The traction control button was also sticking and that needs to be replaced along side the "radio". I'm glad is under warranty!!”

Warranty can certainly be an issue because many of these vehicles are more than three years old and may have a lot of miles on them, either way edging close to or out of their warranty. That’s what happened to this driver. “I have been having that problem also. I bought a 2014 z51 with 26k miles on it and it would flicker from time to time. I brought it to the dealer to get it updated and they charged 250 for diagnostics and $100 for the update and when I got it back it still flickered. Brought it back again and they call me and tell me that the screen is no good, that I would have to pay $978 for the new screen! Is that how much it really cost? Also the car is 3 months over warranty. Asked Chevy for cost assistance and got Denied.” Ouch! It would be expensive to fix at the dealership.

Magnificent is also having the flickering problem. “My 2014 has the same problem. Started over six months ago, but would quickly go away on a restart, and would not do it for awhile. Driving down to Myrtle Beach on Thursday it started again, and today coming back from the Myrtle Beach Corvette Show, it started flickering again than totally went black. Radio still played, but could not see what channels were selected.”

Known issue

One driver located the TSB. "I think I found the TSB. PI-1318, NHTSA ref # 10056464. Someone correct me if 'm wrong. Thanks."

Red says that even replacing the screen didn’t totally fix the issue. “I went through this with mine they replaced the screen and the next day it was doing it again rolling flickering or going blank but the radio still played. I checked the radio nav module in the driver side kick panel and moved the connector that plugs into the module and it would roll flicker so I repeatedly tried the connector and it would stop flickering, I tied it tightly with a wire tie and no more problems for several months until the other day when I happened to accidentally kick the connector and it did it again, I refastened it and it is good again.”

Jay suggested that owners who are out of warranty may want to try and repair it on their own. “Buy and install one yourself or hire a knowledgeable tech. One source. Gmpartsdirect.com.

There are a multitude of threads on different Chevrolet Corvette forums about the issue with the infotainment screen. One owner even discovered that when he honked his horn it made his screen flicker. It is a known problem on many of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvettes. Some owners who were out of warranty have just replaced the screen with a screen out of a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette. That appears to cut down on the cost significantly. It is an unfortunate and distracting problem, but it is common enough that there are even youtube videos to help you if you need to make the repair on your own.

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Same problem. Less than 4K miles but out of warranty
Same here just traded my 2015 SS Camaro for a 2014 Corvette. Started happening the 3rd time I drove the car. Got an extened warranty and I was lucky enough to have it happen when the GM tech was in the car so the display is geting replaced. Look at PIC-5934 and PIC-5934B. From GM.
bought a used corvette that is just over 3 years old. at 6k miles. problem showed a few days into the ownership. Dealer claims they had no knowledge. car is out of warranty. this blows.
same thing happened to me. dealer denies knowledge. but a 3 year old car with 6k miles
Same thing happened to the infotainment screen on my 2014 Corvette! Bought it in July, out of warranty, 23,000 miles. Flickers off/on. Too bad this part was not recalled! There are many of us with the same issue on the 2014. Come on Chevrolet... the Corvette and owners deserve the best. It should be recalled and replaced at no cost to owners.
2014 vette mine.does it too. 6000, miles. Yes there should be a recall on this. Come on Chevy it's a vette take care of us.
My 2015 same problem screen went black 15000 miles pretty sad you pay that kind of money for a car Chevy don't recall it.
2014 corvette radio screen when Black, Blew the horn and it fix it .
2014 same problem with only 6000 miles . Purchased new from Kerbeck
2014 same problem start happening about 3 years ago car only has 18,000 miles. Took it to the dealer to expensive for them to repair.
Same problem. 14 stingray. Bought new and has been doing it since almost new. Never while in gym shop of course. Out of warranty and now it stays black most of the time! Can’t control volume/channels/ phone won’t connect! Can use steering wheel co trips but that’s the only way!
Just bought a 2014 Z51 9,800 miles, less than a week screen started flickering, going blank, or rolling
my 2018 camaro ss is doing this too. they replace the screen under warranty 2 days later is doing it again any ideas
I have the same problem. I unplugged all the connectors on the Radio Navigation module and it's perfect now. Let's see how long it last.
Where are the connectors located? how do i access them? thanks
I have a 2014 z51 stingray with the same problem. I've taken it to the dealer three times and each time it works for about 20 minutes. Ultimately its a blank screen.
Bought a 2014 stingray with only 5700 miles 3 weeks ago and it just started display breakup and rolling. Really disappointed since I just had to trade in my 2014 Malibu due to intermittent transmission problems that GM is also ignoring. Sounds like we need to start a class action lawsuit.
Have the same shit on my 2014. It’s been doing it since almost new. But never when it was at the dealership. I even had video of it on my phone from back when it was under warranty. Chevy pretty much said too bad.
2014 Z51 I've had it for 4 years mileage is 16901. Began having problems at about 13000 miles. Intermittent but getting worse. Seems to be a regular problem with vehicles w/navigation. At least 3 members of my local Corvette club having same issue with the C7. Absolutely need a class action.
There’s a ton of people with similar problem. How do we get this started or get their attention to address the problem
Beats me. I’m sure GM knows this. They haven’t voluntarily recalled it so I’m sure they don’t give a darn.
Screen just went blank on my 2014 Camero. Before that the HUD system went out and then the trunk switch. This is the last Chevy I will own. This car only has 58k on the clock. Piece of junk
My 2014 sting ray has 22,000 miles and the system began flicking soon as the warranty expired. GM knows of this problem and refuse to recall. So it's time for a class action lawsuit.
My 2014 c7 screen totally black I’m in for a class action law suit please keep me inform. Thank you
2014 c7 9500 miles screen totally black I took it apart and if you hold the cable down it works GM does not sell the cable with out the screen. I’m ready for a class action law suit
my screen also was rolloing , brought it in a year and a half ago supposedly fixed know its doing it again, how do we get a lw suit going so gm is responsible for any repairs , luckily my is still under warranty
.My 2014 corvette has 2400 miles on it and it just started to have this issue I have not yet checked with Dealership where i bought the car to get their response
I have a 2014 Chevy corvette ,screen was rolling,flickering and now went blank/ black screen. Radio works but no display. Were asking Chevrolet for assistance for a recall and fix this problem. its an expensive sport car and they should stand and support their product!!
Hi when u get new unit does it have to be program by dealer tu
Bought 2014 Z51 in May 2022 with less than 10,000 miles. Display started flickering. Under extended warranty, dealer replaced F module #23266008 and a cable #23103558. Twenty minutes later the problem started again....