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What is the Best Way to Clean a Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Top

Summer is hitting all over the country. As drivers are bringing out their cherished convertibles, many ask what is the best way to keep their convertible tops looking brand new.

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Dawg has a 2018 2SS 50th Hot Wheels Edition Camaro and wants to know the best way to care for the cloth top.

Addict says the top is tougher than you think! “We gave our '13 no care, and it looked brand new when we sold it after 4 years. Okla. heat and weather, no problem, it's tough!!”

Dirk, from Southern California, says, “We use 303 convertible top protectant for another car we have. Seems to work well. Highly rated. Available online.”

Several Protectants and Cleaners on the Market

It appears 303 sells a kit online that includes a fabric and vinyl top cleaner as well as a high tech fabric guard that will help repel water and protect against UV damage.

XMan, from San Francisco, has another cleaner he likes. “I'm currently using the RaggTopp products. I purchased a kit from Autogeek - Raggtopp Fabric Complete Kit. It's a very good value. I will probably give the 303 products a try after I've used up all of the Raggtopp products.”

Dub, from Michigan, has another suggestion. “On my last vert I used 303, cleaner and protectant. The one thing I didn't like was that it was supposed to be kinda warm when applied, and I usually applied in the fall. On the Fifty I bought the combo from Chemical Guys. I applied it last week, but it hasn't been wet to see how well it beads. I was more interested in the cleaner, as the car won't be out in the rain unless it is caught in a storm.”

I bet most owners are like Dub, they won’t have their convertibles out if there is a chance of bad weather. Sometimes you do get caught outside, so it is best to take precautions.

Moy, from Missouri, says he likes the 303 products. “That's what I use on my Vert as well. Before you wash I recommend you vacuum the top to get any dirt off that can be rubbed into the fabric when you clean the top. I also use a lint roller from time to time to get any fuzzy type stuff that adheres to mine. Then the 303 and good to go.”

HogSS, says the RaggTopp products are working well in Texas. “I got the Raggtopp kit. Seems to work well. It's been about three months so I probably need to apply it again. Water beads up nicely.”

Mike77 just got some tips from a professional. “Well, I just had my car professionally detailed. He used a product called "Duragloss 341 Convertible Fabric Restorer" for the roof. He highly recommended it. I am beyond impressed... Made the roof dark jet black, and the water doesn't even bead - just rolls off... Just thought I would share.”

Several different owners offered suggestions for applying the protectant, so that it didn’t get all over the windows of the car.

Most suggested using a small foam roller to apply the liquid so you could control the amount that you use. In the end the instructions looked like this.

Suggestions for Applying Protectant

1. Ordered 303 fabric guard top protectant kit ($35, Amazon). Bought $8 paint mini 4” roller kit and a $3 lint roller at Walmart.
2. Thoroughly washed.
3. Used 303 cleaner and washed some more.
4. Thoroughly rinsed until strong hose spray was suds free.
5. Thoroughly dried with two lint free waffle weave towels.
6. Let dry 24hrs in the garage. Used lint roller to get all the lint and fluff off.
7. Poured 1/2 contents of 303 fabric guard bottle into the paint tray.
8. Used foam roller and rolled on the protectant, slowly one side of the car at a time. Used 1/2 the bottle for the first coat. Let dry completely.
9. Did a second coat with the rest of the bottle.
10. Let dry 24hrs in the garage.

Experts will tell you that the hot sun that is ruining your convertible top is hard on your skin as well. If you are driving around with the top down, be sure and use plenty of sun screen. Doctors says that driver’s heads, faces and necks are vulnerable to skin cancer. They advise taking steps to protect your skin as well as protecting your rag top.

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