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What is the best level of window tint for a 2017 Ram 1500?

The buyer of a 2017 Ram 1500 Longhorn wants to match tint on his front windows to the back windows. Other Ram owners warn that there may be legal issues involved in just how dark you are allowed to go!

The buyer of a 2017 Ram 1500 Longhorn reaches out to forum members for some very specific information. Hersh, from Pennsylvania, wants to tint the front windows of his new truck to match the rear passenger windows. He very wisely wants to make sure that the shades match. “What % tint should they be and what tinting material would you recommend?”

The other owners are quick to point out that there is a limit to how darkly you are legally allowed to shade or tint your windows. A Texas driver says “In Texas front windows must be 35% or lighter. I always do 35% front and limo the rest (5%).”

California is fairly strict about what it will allow. “In California, your front door windows & windshield have a maximum tint allowance. An officer must be able to see through the closed window & see the occupants.” That improves safety for everyone, an officer should be able to see if someone is armed or perhaps if a driver is being coerced in some way by a passenger.

Chillin, from Canada, actually the answers the first part of Hersh’s question. “20% is the match to the back windows. I put 20% on the front side windows.”

DesertRam points out that there is a website set up for exactly this question. You can check what is legal in your state by going to

A Florida driver adds an interesting warning. “Just a warning but if you decide to go darker than the law allows just know that if you are involved in accident even if you were not at fault you can be sued by the other party and end up on the wrong end of a court judgement due to your illegal window tint.” And he’s not kidding. He says he is a former police officer who has had to testify in court cases.

Chillin jumps back in to explain what the numbers really mean. “Looking at the PA law, you can only get 70% on the front side windows. That means if a light was shined at the window, 70% of the light emitted from the source must pass through the tints. The side back and side back are at 20% from the factory but are not illegal due to factory install and the fact it cannot be removed. The back windows are a chemical tint, not a film. If you go 30% you will have illegal tints in PA.”

Hersh is concerned after hearing the legal issues. He was most worried about keeping his new truck nice, but isn’t interested in causing himself problems. “Hmm doesn't even seem worth the effort then. I really wanted to protect the leather in the new truck. It doesn't fit in my garage so the truck will be outside just like the current one.”

Very few police officers will pull you over for having tinted windows unless they are way too dark, which raises suspicions that you are up to something. Like anything, it is good to know what is legal in your state, so you aren’t inviting trouble.

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