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Three Reasons the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L is So Important

Jeep is out with a stunning three-row 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L. It is an all-new vehicle for Jeep that will allow the off-roading leader to compete in a larger segment. We look at why this vehicle is so important to the Jeep line-up.

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Jeep is unveiling its all-new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L and racing into the full-size SUV market. Jeep is promising to marry its legendary off-road performance with luxury and comfort. Most importantly Jeep is offering a three-row Grand Cherokee for the first time.

The Grand Cherokee L is packed with a number of new technologies, but it is clear from the design that it is a Jeep through-and-through. The exterior design screams Jeep and includes all the major Jeep design cues like the signature seven-slot-grille and wheel arches. Jeep has sold 7 million Grand Cherokees over the last 30-years, but the design team was very careful to not make this the same Grand Cherokee with just an added row of seats. The interior is designed to include the latest technology, wrapped in premium luxury.

“When you set out to reimagine an SUV as beloved as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, building on its nearly 30-year legacy as an overachiever is paramount to every decision that is made,” said Christian Meunier, Global President of Jeep Brand – FCA. “With that legacy guiding the Jeep team, the new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee is crafted to exceed expectations and do what no other SUV can do: deliver legendary Jeep 4x4 off-road capability blended with superior on-road manners. It is built on an all-new architecture and wrapped in a stunning new design that honors its iconic Jeep design heritage, while also extending to accommodate a third row to meet the growing needs of our Jeep customers who have asked for more space and functionality. The Grand Cherokee L truly stands out in its segment and continues to raise the bar in capability, performance and luxury, while also breaking new ground in versatility and functionality.”

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Allows Jeep to Compete in the Full-size SUV Market

The ability to take on other full-size vehicles is incredibly important for Jeep and the added third row gives them that. Ford has done extremely well with the Explorer, likewise Chevy has done well with the seven-passenger Traverse. This Grand Cherokee L plants Jeep right in the heart of the segment and gives Jeep lovers the ability to move to a larger vehicle as they grow their family.
2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Interior

Jeep is moving into the full-size SUV segment much the same way that its cousin the redesigned Ram 1500 became a major player in the truck segment: loaded with luxury.

High-end interior trim upgrades include things like hand-wrapped leather, real waxed walnut wood, and all-new LED lighting are all designed to set the new Grand Cherokee L apart from the rest of the segment. The spacious dash features standard 10-inch display screens across the instrument panel, including a frameless digital gauge cluster and touchscreen radio.

First-row seats with power 16-way adjustable positions are available on some of the models. Seat back massage that includes three levels of pressure intensity is also one of the available luxury amenities. The 2021 Grand Cherokee is being offered in four different trim levels – Laredo, Limited, Overland and Summit.

“The objective for the interior design team was to create a unique statement for 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L. We viewed the overall design process through a wide lens that allowed us to use a new generation of Jeep interiors,” said Chris Benjamin, Head of Jeep, Chrysler and Advanced Interior Design, FCA. “While the Jeep Grand Cherokee interior has been synonymous with sophistication, our approach to the three-row version was to showcase distinguished details, handcrafted materials and modern amenities that pair seamlessly with its tailored exterior.”

2021 Grand Cherokee L Bridges the Gap with the All-New Jeep Wagoneer

Jeep already announced an all-new Wagoneer and Jeep Grand Wagoneer that will compete against the other large premium SUVs, like the Cadillac Escalade, Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. The 2021 Grand Cherokee L will bridge the gap between the two-row Grand Cherokee and the Wagoneer. This will give Jeep a full range of vehicles for growing families while keeping the families in the Jeep brand.

As I said before the all-new design screams Jeep but in a higher-end, more tailored way. The Grand Cherokee L’s wheel-base is 7” longer than the regular Grand Cherokee, with a longer hood and cab. The face features all-new slim LED headlights. The traditional seven-slot grille is wider with larger individual openings. Below the grille, the new front fascia is larger than previous generations.

“The Jeep design team envisioned a modern aesthetic for the all-new 2021 Grand Cherokee L – they worked to sculpt it down and gave it a clean and updated premium appearance tailored for today's customer,” said Mark Allen, Head of Jeep Exterior Design, FCA. “The design for the first-ever three-row Grand Cherokee pays respect to its heritage and honors its utilitarian roots. The results reflect its premium characteristics, contemporary style and legendary capability that has defined the Grand Cherokee since its inception.”

2021 Grand Cherokee L is Jeep’s Premier Package

The Grand Cherokee L is also important because it gives Jeep a way to compete in the premier segment against other high-end competitors like Lexus and BMW. Jeep will use the Grand Wagoneer L to profile all of its advanced safety and technology features.

The 2021 Grand Cherokee L will feature the important new rear seat camera that is designed for the parent’s peace of mind. The available rear-seat monitoring camera system allows the driver to see the child in a rear-facing child seat. The driver can even zoom the camera in to make sure that the infant or toddler is ok. Ask any parent, this camera is long-overdue!

Another cool feature is the available Digital Rearview Camera system which replaces the regular rearview mirror with a 9.2-inch-wide Liquid Crystal Display that shows real-time video from a rear-facing camera. The digital camera system offers a view that is unobstructed by the rear seats. When not in use as a display, the screen reverts back to a reflective mirror.

The 2021 Grand Cherokee L has more than 110 advanced safety and security features like a 360-degree surround view camera and night vision cameras. It also features the latest Uconnect 5 system.

An advanced hands-free automated driving system will be available in late 2021 on the 2022 Grand Cherokee L.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L is scheduled to arrive in Jeep dealerships in the second quarter of 2021. The all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee two-row and its 4xe electrified version are scheduled to debut later in 2021. They are being built at the new Detroit Assembly Complex- Mack Plant.

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