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Stellantis Pulls Out of CES 2024, Blaming UAW Strike

The automaker says the cost of the month long walkout is forcing the company to make cuts.

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Stellantis says it is cutting back because of the UAW strike and will now not display or present at the huge CES 2024. The Consumer Electronics Show, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, has become a key place for automakers to unveil future vehicles and important advancements in technology. Last year, Ram unveiled its long-awaited 2025 Ram 1500 REV electric truck at CES 2023, as well as its totally connected vehicle cockpit of the future concept. Stellantis is the parent company of Ram, Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler.

Stellantis’ Statement on Canceling CES 2024

In a short but direct news release Stellantis says, “With a focus on preserving business fundamentals in the wake of ongoing UAW negotiations, Stellantis is canceling its CES 2024 display and presentations as part of the contingency plan implemented since the beginning of UAW strike.”

Stellantis had not yet indicated what it had planned to show at CES 2024. Last year’s Ram presentation was a major unveiling for the company. In 2022, Chrysler unveiled its Airflow EV concept, which was also considered an important milestone. Plans for the Airflow have since changed.

Stellantis says it canceling its appearance at CES 2024 to save money and will demonstrate its progress toward going electric in a different way.

“Company is executing comprehensive countermeasures to mitigate financial impacts and preserve capital, and will continue to demonstrate its transformation into a mobility tech company through other means.”

The announcement that it was canceling its CES 2024 presentation was made out of the company’s global headquarters in Amsterdam, not out of Michigan. Stellantis says it is committed to “building products customers love, ensuring freedom of mobility for all, and becoming second to none in value creation for its employees and all other stakeholders as outlined in the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan.”

The statement does not mention the company’s plans for the Los Angeles Auto Show which is scheduled for November 17-26, 2023.


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