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Shelby is selling new wheels to spice up your Mustang

Are you looking to spiff up your Ford Mustang? You may want to check out the new wheels available from Shelby. They are part of the new GTE performance package, but are available to fit any 2005-2017 Mustang.

Shelby is known for its parts that are designed to enhance Ford Mustangs. The Venom wheel is manufactured by WELD Racing exclusively for Shelby. The Venom wheel is described as being lighter and stronger than typical cast wheels.

The Venom is made using a flow-formed technology. According to Shelby “Flow form wheels are stronger, lighter, increase shock load resistance, and offer increased flex tolerances verses a cast manufactured wheel. The primary difference between a cast and flow-formed wheel is the thickness of the wheel barrel. The flow forming process increases the strength of the aluminum allowing the barrel to be produced much thinner and lighter than a conventional cast aluminum wheel."

The Venom wheels are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the most recent Mustangs. It comes in 19”x 9”, 19”x 9.5”, 20” x9.5 and 20”x10.5”. It is available in three colors, matte black powder coat, anthracite, and silver.

The wheels are expensive. They will retail for $425 a piece, but are preselling for $400. They are nearly twice the price of the Razor wheels that retail on the Shelby website for $225. However, they are less than half the price of the Shelby Venice Forged wheels, which sell for a whopping $949.

The new Venom wheel appears to be the mid-range option for a Mustang owner who is looking to upgrade their pony, without going for a full Shelby package.

Shelby unveiled the GTE performance package at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway September 2, 2016. It is described as an affordable way to upgrade any new Ford Mustang, adding bold stripes and boosting the horsepower of the popular pony car's standard engines.

According to the release “You can choose either Ford's iconic 5.0L Coyote engine that pumps out 456*HP with 424*lbs-ft of torque, or the powerful 2.3L EcoBoost engine that delivers a head-turning 340*HP with 390*lbs-ft of torque."

The GTE package runs nearly $18,000 on top of the price of the Mustang. Mustang drivers that are looking to spice up their rides may want to invest in the GTE Venom wheels while they wait to decide on the rest of the performance package.

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