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Owners of 2017 Ram 1500s offer tricks to reboot the 8.4 Uconnect radios

I could write for days about all of the problems with the 8.4 Uconnect radio and navigation systems. Some 2017 Ram 1500 owners share their tricks to reboot the Uconnect systems.

Popular truck forums are filled with complaints about the Uconnect systems in the 2017 Ram 1500. There are multiple complaints with the Navigation systems malfunctioning and the radios getting poor reception. The complaint I saw today is an odd one. TS writes about his radio freezing up. “Odd issue with the 8.4 Nav radio on my new 2017 Ram - buttons stopped working! Basically the only way I could change the radio station was with the rotary knob - the steering wheel buttons, touch buttons, everything else wouldn't work. I power cycled the truck a couple times – didn’t do anything. Finally at home I had the truck shutdown for about an hour, and then everything was fine. Has anyone run into this?”

Several owners suggested that TS at least start keeping notes about the problem. Others suggested he try asking the dealer. Hunter, from New Jersey, says “I would start a paper trail in case you have an issue when the warranty is up.”

Possibly tied to Uconnect updates?

Yankee suggested that the locking or freezing up could be tied to service that Uconnect is currently conducting. “I wonder if had anything to do with the satellite download update that FCA is doing this month. It didn't affect my radio, as far as i can tell.

It does mention that you could lose your presets. The download took between 10 - 15 minutes. Then it rebooted & updated the system which took another 3 - 5 minutes.”

TS called two dealers but they were unable to help him over the phone.

Tricks to reboot the Uconnect system on the 2017 Ram 1500

Jockey points out that all computers need a little help sometimes. “It is a computer so a re-boot sometimes works. If anyone can explain why you have to do that I'd be ever so grateful.”

Great idea but how do you reboot the system? TS asked the service representative on the phone and the answer was surprisingly low-tech. “The guy says "Well, you could unplug the battery when you get home" lol Thanks for the re-set tip!”

Disconnecting the battery may be low-tech but it works. I learned that the hard way when the MyFord Touch system went haywire on a Ford Fusion, we had rented. It isn’t pretty but it works in a pinch.

AJ has the best advice about how to handle rebooting the system. He learned it from a service tech after his radio locked up in his 2016 Ram 1500. “A similar thing happened to me a year ago with a new 2016 LongHorn as I left the dealership with it. I didn't notice it for a few miles because I was concentrating on navigating the interstate system in OKC, but when I went to change the station or work with the nav system, it was frozen. I called the dealership and they put me through to service. The best he could offer was "it must be downloading an update" and then said to shut the vehicle off and see if it was frozen when I restarted. It worked fine when I restarted the vehicle and never gave me another problem. You can manually reboot the nav system by pushing in on the center of the volume and tuner knobs at the same time and holding them down for a few seconds. You should see the system power down and then boot back up. Hopefully yours will be a very limited experience as well. My other units have all performed with no issues at all. Best of luck with it.”

Now that is great advice to know! I wonder if that same rebooting helps at all with the Navigation system that has given people fits. At least if your radio freezes up, this is an approach to try.

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My 2014 Dodge ram truck radio is stuck on one station will only turn on and off and volume control I cannot change any stations switch functions or anything the only display on the screen is the Dodge ram symbol any suggestions
My 2016 is doing the same thing. Did you figure out how get it fixed? Thanks!
I have done software reset n hardware resets n I only have black screen with a line at truck starting headunit failed to start Have tried everything Disconnecting the battery soft n hardware resets n ignition cycles nothing works I’m beyond disgusted &3400 dealership quoted to replace my head unit Everyone needs to start making complaints
chk the grounds. There are at least a dozen grounds on the truck. Mine was a loose ground near the front fender.
I recently had the same EXACT problem. I also noticed that the usb port stopped working in my center consol. The radio restarts every 3 minutes. I tried disconnecting the battery several times, and once for an hour. I checked all the fuses and still cant figure it out.
Did u get that fixed bro ? My 2014 is doing it too.
Hey I’m having the same problem did you ever figure it out ??
I have a 2017 RAM 1500 Tradesman, my volume knob doesn't seem to want to work except when I first plug my stereo in. At that point it wal only go up once or down one sometimes. How can I fix this? I can't afford another stereo, I am on disability and have nothing left after my bills are paid. Any ideas or suggestions please? Thanks Faith G
Radio freezes daily, on 2015 RAM, soft boot works sometimes after 30 tries, already got a new radio from dealership and this continues to happen, can anyone help?
In th same boat with my 2018 Ram. Third replacement radio being installed tomorrow. But reading these posts, not feeling very hopeful....
Surprised you are getting a new radio (clearly not a solution at this point) FCA Canada has us in a "holding pattern" they have issued a blanket statement as of APRIL 8 2019 (4 months now) that they are "aware of the issues and working on a solution" this was a memo from head office. Useless information on a lemon of a vehicle we are stuck with.
radio volume will not work how far is that radio works but not volume is there an easy fix please let me know thank you Eugene Maynard
The dealer is replacing these units with refurbished units so we are all getting each others old stereos. Nothing is getting fixed, just band-aids. Terrible.
I wear Hearing Aids and use a streamer (bluetooth) to connect my phone to my aids.When i get into the truck the bluetooth of the truck connects to the bluetooth of my hearing aids. When I want to listen to the radio, Ill hear the music thru the speakers first then it'll switch and pipe the music to my aids. Anyone riding with me is in silence. If I turn my streamer off then that bluetooth won't connect with the truck, and the music will come thru the speakers. If I get a phone call, I won't know it and can't hear it because the streamer is off and nothing is piped to my aids. The other bad part about all this is I can't get my playlist to play thru the radio no matter how I want to pipe it thru. Either thru Bluetooth, direct wire to the truck thru the speaker jack, or thru a thumb drive. I have Apple phone and computer. I even tried using the computer port to charge and link music thru the phone. This is all very frustrating! The radio is a useless box on the dash.
Turn off your hearing aids always to media in your phone. Go to routing under accessibility- hearing aids.
I have a Ram 1500 Laramie 2018, got it in march 2018 and have had 5 radios replaced so far from the dealer, it freezes daily, and when that happens you have no control over the radio at all, the app on my cell will not work either, can't unlock/lock/remote start nothing. Called the guardian ppl and they can't unlock/lock etc..going back for a new radio on the 19th of Sep 2018 (Radio #^ here we goo)
Hey Keith, I was very interested in your problem and was wondering how it's been working out? I've had my truck about a week and I've had nothing but trouble with navigation. It intermittently works and I lose all of my presets overnight. I feel like there's something wrong with the electrical system and maybe not the radio at all? I could turn on the radio when my key fob is in the house. Something is really messed up with these newer models. The dealership is clueless so he'll just replace it in a few weeks. Otherwise it's a smooth-running clean truck. Good luck with your problem.
We are having the same issues with our 2018 without any send in sight. Did your problem resolve itself?
Trying to delete a favorite phone contact from my uconnect system in my 2017 Dodge Journey, it seems impossible... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
My radio just came blasting on deafening loud and probably blew speakers. All by itself while I was parking. No sound but as soon as you turn volume up, it comes on full blast. My ears are ringing! 2018 Dodge Ram
Was this problem fixed for you? Experiencing the same thing right now.
My 2019 truck is less than 24 hours old and has the same issue as yours. The volume is at full blast and I cannot get it to come down. How did you fix your yours?
My 2018 ram just did the same thing with the volume. What did you do to fix it.
dealing with the same issues. No resolution in sight.
I have a 2018 dodge journey, my uconnect doesnt have the nav system on it, however i was able to find the dealer mode menu by pressing hot and cold buttons along with front defog for about 10 seconds and it pulls up dealer mode. Have you all tried pulling up the engineering menu? I also have had some issues with blue tooth connections acting funky. Noticed that when i set my car the way I would for an oil change works. Now i havent had half the issues everyone else has had and ive had my 2018 journey for 8months now. Still seeping through different menu options i recommend if you havent already, try searching online for the engineering menu and master reset your radio to factory settings. Some probably have tried this, disconnecting the battery didnt work well for my issue however since im constantly doing my oil changes(every month) and the reset for my oil change helped with the radio i feel as if this monthly reset keeps my radio in check. Again you want to power your car off, press the engine start button twice without your foot on the break. You then press the gas pedal 3 times within a 10second window. Power off the car and back on. Its helped me. Not no mechanic or car specialist but a maintenance tech that wasnt about to waste time going to dealers who are of no use or benefit.
Same exact thing. 2018 Ram 8.4. It was parked for a few hours, got in, backed up, and about blew my eardrums out. Volume control goes from 0 - No Sound to 1 - Max Sound. At first I though my phone had the media volume up, but it was on vibrate. Nothing I tried fixed it. It was a very silent 2.5 hour drive back home. I have an appt on Feb 15 to address the "Occupant Restraint Control Module" safety recall. I added the volume issue to the service ticket. We'll see, or better yet - hear, how it goes!
Mine did the same thing yesterday. Did you get yours resolved?
2018 RAM 1500 Laramie. I have had quite a few annoying issues with this truck. A bad clock spring which the dealer fixed after the 3rd visit. My Sirius XM radio presets reset periodically on their own, as do the FM stations. The Homelink garage door opener also resets itself after working for a week or so. On the upside, I am now an expert at programming it as I have done it about 7 times in 3 months. I am going to try going back to the dealer to see what they can do. I'm guessing it's not much
I have had 7 radios and my 8th one is messed up. The Navigation works when it wants to along with the Satellite Radio. The front door speakers are real muffled sounding, have replaced Satellite antenna, Amp and 7 radios. I have a 2017 1500 Laramie,this has been going on since May 2018. Dealership is doing everything possible to make it right, Uconnect is the problem... they don't know how to fix it.
Where do I start, I have a 2017 1500 Laramie Crew Cab love the truck get 22-24mpg the radio/gps is worthless have had seven radios and counting the satellite radio works when it wants to along with the gps, We have made 2 trips from Louisiana to Colorado and one to Pennsylvania and have had to use my 10 year old Garmin Nuvi because you guessed the gps would not work took it to the dealer(not where I bought the truck wouldn't let them touch a go cart) but to the best CDJR in the country in my opinion at least 14 times and the engineers a Ram can't figure it out UConnect is corrupted my door speakers are muffled to the point of not hearing them, so far the have changed 7 radios, 1 amp, 2 satellite antennas 1 body control module and it still isn't fixed. Have got nothing but lip service from a case manager from UConnect and even less than that from The Ram case manager. I am very disgusted $55,000 truck that doesn't work and what will go wrong next. There is more detail but there isn't enough room to write it all. I have bought 4 trucks and a Charger over the last 20 years from CDJR. Don't like to use FCA because they are more the problem than anything else. Again, my current dealer is the best and their hands arew tied because the have to do what Ram recommends!!!