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GM's Latest Partnership Will Showcase EV's Like the 2024 GMC Sierra EV to Millions of Potential Buyers

GM is partnering with Netflix to use EVs in its most popular shows and series. Will Ferrell will star in ads promoting both during the Super Bowl.

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Product placement, where companies pay to have their products featured, has existed in movies and television shows for decades but GM has just negotiated a massive deal that will showcase the automaker and its EVs to tens of millions of viewers and potential buyers. Netflix has agreed to increase the use of EVs like the 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 EV pickup in some of its most popular shows. An ad that will start running soon shows star Will Ferrell driving a 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali as he is chased by zombies from Netflix’s Army of the Dead.

Giving EVs the Stage They Deserve

The partnership and the ads touting it are centered on “Giving EVs the Stage They Deserve”. It is an extension of GM’s “Everybody In” campaign where the automaker made it clear that it was switching to an all-electric future. There will be a longer advertisement that launches next week called “EVs on Screen.”

Netflix will increase the presence of EVs in Netflix-produced shows and films, where relevant, while also taking steps to use more EVs behind the scenes and make its productions more sustainable. Netflix has 231 million subscribers around the world so it is difficult to estimate how many potential buyers this partnership can influence.

“Entertainment has a huge impact on culture. We want to make EVs famous on streaming, small and silver screens to build an EV culture through storytelling that incorporates the experiences of driving and owning an EV,” said GM Global Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl. “Netflix is a great partner because of the company’s compelling storytelling, commitment to sustainability and track record of sparking conversations that shape cultural trends. We are united in creating a better, more sustainable future for our world as we bring everybody in on EVs.”

See Will Ferrell catch a ride with Netflix’ Squid Game.

Placing EVs in Netflix’ Most Popular Series

As part of the partnership, Netflix will work with its content producers helping them understand how EVs can complement and enhance their stories. Over the course of the next year, GM EVs will be seen in select Netflix shows and films, including Love is Blind, Queer Eye and Unstable. The shows will feature the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, GMC HUMMER EV Pickup and Cadillac LYRIQ.

“At Netflix, we create shows and films that can influence culture and spark meaningful conversations," said Netflix Chief Marketing Officer Marian Lee. "From the TikTok dance trends inspired by Wednesday to thoughtful discussions about climate change with Don’t Look Up, we know that entertainment can drive fandom and inspire connections. GM is a cultural leader in the auto industry and we are proud to partner with them in their efforts by amplifying the presence of electric vehicles in our shows and films."

While we have seen two teasers for the GM and Netflix campaign, a major advertisement for both companies will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 12. For more information on the GM and Netflix partnership and what vehicles they plan to feature, you can click on

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