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GM Defense Hopes to Sell its Military Supertrucks to Canada

GM Defense plans to build some military vehicles in Canada, in hopes of winning business from the Canadian government. The plan includes vehicles like the Infantry Squad Vehicle based on the Chevrolet Colorado pickup.


GM Defense intends to grow its business with Canada. GM Defense can use GM’s current plants in Canada to build and supply our neighbor with defense vehicles that are homegrown. One of the vehicles mentioned in the GM Defense announcement is the Infantry Squad Vehicle based on the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 pickup truck.

“GM’s world-class manufacturing and engineering resources in Canada make this collaboration a natural next step for expanding our global presence,” said Steve duMont, GM Defense president. “We have a seamless partnership with GM Canada that will enable us to deliver highly customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of Canadian defense and government customers. We understand that the Canadian military procurement process requires significant investments in country, and we’re confident that GM’s current and future investments will help us meet our Industrial Technological Benefit obligations in support of our Canadian customers.”

GM’s Significant Canadian Presence

GM has invested $6 billion since 2009 to update and upgrade its Canadian plants. It has reopened Oshawa Assembly to build pickups and is converting CAMI Assembly into Canada’s first large-scale commercial electric vehicle manufacturing plant. The EV delivery trucks for BrightDrop are expected to be built there. GM is also investing $35 billion into electric vehicle development. GM Defense could take advantage of both of those facilities in building defense vehicles. The military is particularly interested in EV technology because the vehicles would run more quietly and be less detectable by enemy forces.

GM Defense Meeting with Canadian Authorities

GM Defense will be appearing at Canada’s global defense and security trade show, in Ottawa, June 1-2. GM Defense will be able to meet with Canadian authorities about the potential for using its Infantry Squad Vehicles for military purposes as well as possible border patrol and government security. GM Defense also hopes to grow its business on a global scale. Expanding its business into Canada is a logical first step.

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