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Ford creates new Omnicraft parts brand to grow its service business

Ford is now making parts for other makes and models so you can get them serviced at your Ford dealer.

Ford is creating a whole new brand of parts called Omnicraft. Ford will now be able to service other makes and models in their service departments. Ford sees the new brand as a way to grow their service departments. It is also a great way to get other vehicle owners into their dealerships where they may just look around at new vehicles.

According to Ford “The 1,500 most commonly requested parts are now available and include oil filters, brake pads and rotors, loaded struts, and starters and alternators. The list of available parts will eventually grow to 10,000 for even more customer convenience.”

For now, the parts will only be available at Ford Dealers, but eventually they will be sold at other outlets that currently sell Ford’s Motorcraft replacement parts.

Frederiek Toney, who heads Ford’s Customer Service division says, “Omnicraft is a significant benefit to any vehicle owner who needs parts or to have their vehicle serviced. Now, owners of non-Ford vehicles have access to quality parts at a competitive price, backed by Ford and installed by Ford’s world-class certified technicians.”

Most drivers will tell you that the service departments make a big difference in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Time and again, people will change dealers, if they are unhappy with the treatment they received in the service bay. If Ford is able to woo other drivers into their bays, they may end up with a conquest sale.

Also, as new vehicles last longer and are maintained less frequently, it makes sense to recruit new business.

At this point, Ford isn’t saying what other makes and models they are targeting, only that they will continue to grow the inventory.

The new brand may be great news for owners because the increase in available parts and competition may bring maintenance and repair costs down!