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Best ways to protect your 2017 Ram 1500 paint from bug damage

It seems like the bugs are getting bigger every summer. With this year's intense heat, it is more important than ever to get the bugs off before they damage your paint and finish. Owners offer suggestions for preserving the paint on a 2017 Ram 1500.


Traxx drives a 2017 Ram 1500 and is concerned that bugs will destroy the finish on his new truck. He asks members of a popular Ram forum what they use to protect their vehicles. Traxx asks, “So it is lovebug season here in South Louisiana and I'm wondering if there are any products out there that anyone has tried that will allow for easy removal. Since my truck is black and the temps today got a little above 100 degrees, I spent the afternoon cleaning and putting a fresh coat of wax on the front end. If the bugs are left on too long they will etch the clear. Right now it has a fresh coat of Blackfire wet diamond.”

Many Ram owners are very particular about the products they use to protect their trucks. There are several threads about the best products for detailing and different types of waxes that are available.

Protective coatings

One member responded that Traxx should try adding a protective film. “I would go with the 3M clear film. Not only will it protect against bugs but Rock nicks as well.”

A Texas driver says the most important thing is to get the bugs off quickly. “I agree with this, but if it isn't an option, I just make sure there is plenty of wax on the front painted surfaces and try to wash often. Also Poorboys make an excellent bug removal product. I've used it and it does a really good job. I carry some on vacation with me to help remove the bugs collected while on the road.”

Another owner, Finn, really likes the Poorboys products. “+1 on the Poor Boy's Bug Squash!” Anyone who hasn’t been to Texas, Louisiana or Florida during bug season may not understand just how serious the problem is. It can be disgusting when the bugs are caked on your vehicle and they can easily damage your paint if they aren’t removed quickly.

A Canadian driver suggests, “We don't have the bug situation as bad as you but I was finding it was difficult getting the bugs off of the front of my Ram. I put a coat of Collinite 845 on the front grill, headlights & bumper and they come off a lot easier now. “

A vendor even made a suggestion. “Have you ever considered paint coating? Coatings will give you the best protection and the dirt and bugs wash off way easier.”

Traxx appreciates the help but isn’t looking for a huge undertaking. He says, “The 3m treatment is out. I'm not a fan and the pricing here the last time I checked is a little on the high side. I have tried a ceramic paint coating kit. The truck came out great and the hydrophobic properties were great. It just didn't seem to last as long as I thought it would. I even through some pinnicle souveran on it to help and I still had a few bugs that stuck to the paint. I repolished it yesterday and used the blackfire seal followed by the Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection. Results were spectacular as expected. I put 2 coats on the front cap. I'll see how it does against the bugs.
I spent about 3 days researching the new products out there and trying to figure out seals vs waxes vs ceramic coatings. The problem is I guess is they cannot reveal too much about their products without giving away trade secrets. Some try and scare you so that you take it to a professional. I'm a shady tree detailer. My stopping point is where wetsanding begins. Now if anyone could tell me how to get sealant/wax off of plastic that would be a god send. I have tried the mcckeys wax remover and it didn't work.”

Unusual solution

MegaCab has a suggestion that I’ve never heard. “Believe it or not, Spray it with WD40 - wipe it off. Bugs will wash right off when you wash it next time. It is an interesting suggestion, but I wouldn’t want it to leave an oily residue. Let us know if you have a fool proof way to get the bugs off without damaging your new paint finish!