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5 best waxes for a glossy, wet look for a black Ford F-150

After investing all that money in a beautiful truck, what is the best way to keep it looking new? Truck fans offer their favorites for the 5 best waxes and sealants for a glossy, wet look for the black Ford F-150.

The best way to keep any vehicle looking new is to protect the paint finish. Just last week, a Ford F-150 owner named Sam asked, “I have a black F-150, and would like to know - based on members' actual use - which wax would result in the most wet/slick look?”

The answers started pouring in with a number of different suggestions, many based on keeping the perfect black finish. An owner named CW from southwest Michigan suggests using a sealant. “Sealants are also sometimes called "synthetic waxes" and are known for their glossy appearance. A natural wax, Carnauba, generally will give you a deeper and "warmer" gloss. I use the Klasse sealant on a black Solstice and like the looks.”

Greg from Tennessee has had great luck with a Turtle Wax product called Jet Black. “Its contains a thicker "pre-wax" you use first, then the carnauba wax final prep. The wax itself IS black (use gloves). Its a kit with 4 bottles (2 bottles of detailer).Leaves a very smooth glassy finish.”

An F-150 driver named Snow suggests “I use Pinnacle black label sealant then layer Pinnacle souvern carnauba and get a nice finish.”

A truck fan from west Texas likes a product from Meguiars. “I've always been a big fan of Meg's NXT 2.0 Tech wax on my dark vehicles.” Other posters however say that you have to be very careful when you apply it, because it can leave a white residue.

One owner responded that he likes Car Guys. “They have Black Light which makes the metallics POP in the Tuxedo Black.” Two people were pleased with the results they received with “Collinite 845”.

A gent who goes by AC says he has had incredible results, but he was meticulous in how he applied it to get a glossy look that truly lasts. “I still prefer Zaino. Did my truck last year and it STILL beads water. You can go nuts with sealers and waxes and other products, and most of them do a really good job, while others last a month and you have to do it all over again.”

It is important to note that virtually all of the people who responded said that they first use a clay bar on the truck to lay a proper foundation for the wax or sealant. It would make sense that all of these products would work well on any black vehicle. There were other suggestions for lighter colored cars and trucks as well. If you are looking for the best wax for a glossy or wet look, sealants are very popular. Make sure you are precise in your application, sometimes too much can fog your beautiful finish.

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I am always amused when people say that their wax job lasts only a month. It doesn't matter if your wax lasts only a month because if you're doing it right, you wax with each car wash anyway (at least twice a month). It really doesn't take that long. What DOES take long is letting the finish go, then you spend MUCH more time washing/waxing/detailing. A little bit of time twice a month beats the daylights out of two days' work twice a year.
I totally agree. It is so much easier if you just stay ahead of it!