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2017 Ram owner wants to know what his remote start can be programmed to do

The owner of a brand new 2017 Ram pickup wants to know if his remote start can be programmed to add other features. Surprisingly, between the fob and UConnect App, all sorts of creature comforts are available.

The owner of a brand new 2017 Ram 1500 asked the members of the Ram forum what the new remote starter can do. He is used to the functions on his 2013 and wants to upgrade them. “On my current 2013 1500 the windshield defrost kicks up to high when I start the truck. On my pending 2017 I also have the Remote Start but have added the heated seats and steering wheel. Since these are used in cold weather as is the remote start (usually) I was wondering if these turn on with the remote start or can be set to in a menu somewhere.”

A St. Louis Ram owner was quick to respond. “Yes it can be turned on in the settings. It doesn't come until it gets below 40 out.”

Rob, from Mesa Arizona, added an interesting wrinkle. “And it's the driver's seat only. Passenger seat heater won't turn on until you start it and select the option. No way to have both seat heaters turn on with remote start.” I guess that makes sense, seeing as you might not always have a passenger so you needn’t always have the passenger seat on right away.

A driver from Ontario, where it can be incredibly cold says you can even keep your hands warm. “Steering wheel heat does come on as well.”

Another owner from Connecticut asks about one of the newer features. “I thought there was an APP you can download to your phone to start the truck, lets say , when you're far away from it ? Has anyone done this? How do you like it ?”

The St. Louis owner seems to be the most informed about what the new truck and accessories can do. “I use it all the time. Works great for me. It's part of the uconnect package.”

A San Diego owner warns that there may be an upcharge to use the remote start function on the App. “It is part of the Fee based Uconnect Advantage . Simple Uconnect is free, Uconnect Advantage is an upgrade.”

Those are certainly features that are worth exploring, especially if you are investing in the remote start options. Many drivers expect to turn on their heat and start warming their vehicles up (or cooling them in hot weather locales). Not many drivers are aware that they can start more of their creature comforts like seat heaters and steering wheel warmers. It might be worth your while to at least look at the menu options for your truck. UConnect adds other options that may be worth your added investment.


Russell Smith (not verified)    March 7, 2018 - 8:26AM

I have a 2018 dodge Outdoorsman , I had remote start add to to truck and fob
but when i start my truck with the remote start to warm up it does not turn on my defrost for mirrors and doesn't seam to be adjusting heat to cab. If I had fan turned down when I finshed driving night before .Then when I start in morning cab and windshield is not defrosting . I was a Chevy guy before and when i started with remote my car blower would always come on high till I turned key on in ignition