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Tesla bumping up its smallest battery to 75kWh, but stops short of providing one factor

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed that a 75kWh battery will be available for the Tesla Model S in the future, however stopping short of providing a timeline for the release.


Last month Tesla silently upgraded all orders for the 70kWh Model X (none of which had been delivered) to a 75kWh battery. Owners and enthusiast began speculating on when the 75kWh battery would be available for the Model S.

As of now the 70kWh battery can provide 234 miles of range with the single motor and 240 miles of range with the dual motor option. A 7% increase could bring those figures up to 250-256 miles of range. At that range the 75kWh is a compelling lower priced option for those looking to buy a Tesla.

While increasing energy density Tesla has been able to maintain a similar weight and dimension of the battery pack thus avoiding any re-design of the car itself. Now speculation can turn to when Tesla will release the 100kWh battery with a range over 300 miles.

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