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Tesla Proves BioWeapon Defense Mode is true to its word

When the Model X was introduced in September of last year Tesla CEO Elon Musk got on stage and spent an abundance of time discussing a concept no one predicted would be a feature on the upcoming all electric SUV; BioWepon Defense Mode.
Posted: May 4, 2016 - 11:42AM
Author: Jason Cobb

Tesla designed a car with a 2 stage air filtration system including a true HEPA filter with the ability to filter allergens, bacterial, and Viruses from the air. By pressing the cheeky BioWeapon defense mode button the result is a “hospital clean” environment inside the car. After the announcement this feature was touted as a great marketing feature and had the press discussing how safe you would be in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

With the recent announcement that BioWeapon defense mode would also be released in the Model S Tesla took it a further step to prove that the filtration system actually works.

Tesla placed a Model X and occupants with gas masks in an environment with extreme levels of pollution much more that the EPA considers “good” quality air, turned on BioWeapon Defense mode. In less than 2 minutes the air was scrubbed and brought the pollution levels down that their instruments could not even measure the levels. The occupants were able to remove their gas masks and breathe in clean air. Not only that, but the air outside the car showed 40% less pollutants.

This is a proof that Tesla’s focus on engineering really works as designed.