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Seeing the the new Tesla Model S first hand.

Newly redesigned Tesla Model S available in many stores. Now is your chance?
Posted: May 10, 2016 - 12:27PM
Author: Jason Cobb

Last month Tesla announced a slightly re-designed Tesla Model S. With the new facelift, fully LED headlamps, and BioDefense Mode the Model S was brought more in-line with the design of the Model X and newly announced Model 3. Love it or hate it the front “grill” area of the car is a huge departure from traditional design.

With an Internal Combustion Engine the front grill is responsible for delivering air to the radiator and internal engine components for the purpose of cooling the engine and keeping everything running within a safe operating temperature. Electric cars do not have this need to be cooled down as much as their ICE equivalent however the front grill design has stuck around mainly because that is what people expect from their vehicles.

It is one of those design changes that will take some time for consumers to adjust to.

Well that time is now and Tesla gave you plenty of warning. The final production unveiling of the Model X in September of last year showed a new front fascia absent any grill, but still sporting some inlets above and below the flat area. For the redesigned Model S Tesla incorporated the same basic Model X design into the Model S bringing the 2 vehicles closer in line with each other. Further In March of this year Tesla gave the public its first glimpse of the Model 3 with a completely flat front surface showing that a true “grillless” fascia is the shape of things to come.

Opinions are varied on the new front design and some enthusiast even went so far as to take to Photoshop to show Tesla a better design for the front of the Model 3. This in turn prompted Elon Musk to tweet concerning the front end “Some tweaking underway”.

We will have to wait until the second unveiling of the Model 3 in the future to see those tweaks. As with most vehicles picture cannot do it justice so now is your chance to experience the new Model S front in person as more galleries are reporting a refresh in their display vehicle.
So head to your local Tesla Store and check it out for yourself. Tell us what you think in the comments below and while you are at it ask for a test drive in the Model X as those are showing up in Tesla Stores as well!