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What Is the Dream Project for Genesis' Designers?

Every automotive designer has that one dream project they would like to do. The designers at Genesis are no different.
Posted: March 31, 2016 - 10:10AM
Author: Will Maley

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Australia's CarAdvice reports there is a desire to build a supercar to provide Genesis a halo car. This adds a layer of desire to help bring people into the showroom. Asked about the possibility of a supercar, Luc Donckerwolke, the leader of Hyundai's Prestige Design Division said 'why not'.

“Of course [I’m excited]! But I won’t reveal the secret now because it’s still my baby! Obviously, yes, this is part of the interest of designing a brand, being able to create [supercars]. It’s not just something which we’ll do, let’s say a rational traditional [type] project, but there will be some highlights.”

Hyundai’s chief designer, Peter Schreyer is slightly more realistic. He said that a supercar is a possibility, but will be a quite a while before it happens.

“All these things take a little bit of time. We’re just at the beginning and things like that [potential supercar], you know, we need to talk about and develop more. But also, you know, you always have to do the homework first, you cannot do everything at once. You cannot develop a brand like this from one day, [you have to wait until] another and lay the foundations piece by piece,” said Schreyer.

There's also trying to sell the bosses at Hyundai that doing a Genesis supercar is a great idea. Most supercars tend to lose money for automakers.

Pic Credit: Genesis

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