2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

Rumored: Mercedes Creating A Subbrand For Electric Vehicles

It seems Mercedes-Benz is going forward with developing its own subbrand for electric vehicles.

Back in May, we reported on Mercedes-Benz's head of marketing and sales Ola Källenius' dream of setting a subbrand like BMW's i for alternative-fuel vehicles. At the time, Källenius said the company is currently focused on putting "alternative drivelines and electrification” into their entire lineup.

But a report from Bloomberg says Mercedes-Benz is going forward with the subbrand. According to sources, the subbrand doesn't have a name. But it will be made up four vehicles - two electric sedans and two electric SUVs. Mercedes is planning to show a concept electric SUV at September's Paris Motor Show. The concept will debut a new electric platform that will underpin this future lineup. Range for the concept is expected to be around 310 miles.

A key reason that Mercedes-Benz is pushing forward with the subbrand is the success that Tesla has been seeing with the Model S.

Mercedes-Benz hopes to start selling vehicles under this subbrand before the end of the decade.

Pic Credit: Mercedes-Benz

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