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Mercedes-Benz Pulls Plug On Certifying 2017 Diesel Vehicles

For the past few months, we have been reporting on Mercedes-Benz trying to get their 2017 model year diesel vehicles to be certified by the EPA. We have the latest update on this saga and it isn't good.
Posted: May 10, 2017 - 4:22PM
Author: Will Maley

Reuters reports that Mercedes' parent company, Diamler has dropped plans on trying to get their 2017 diesel vehicles certified.

"We constantly review our portfolio offerings and make adjustments to meet immediate customer need. Combined with the increased effort to certify diesel engines in the U.S., we have put the certification process for diesel passenger cars on hold," said Mercedes-Benz USA spokesman Rob Moran.

About one percent of Mercedes-Benz's 2016 U.S. sales were made up diesel vehicles.

Because of the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal, the EPA required all diesel vehicles to be recertified before being allowed to go on sale. This was to detect if any other automaker was trying to cheat the emission test. As we reported back in October, the company canceled plans on bringing the C-Class diesel to the U.S. Instead, their focus would be on their SUVs beginning with the GLS-Class. It seems plans for this have been shelved.

That doesn't mean Mercedes-Benz will not be selling diesel vehicles in the U.S. ever again. Moran said the automaker is "leaving the door open to offer diesels as a potential option in our passenger cars and SUVs."

Pic Credit: Mercedes-Benz