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Hyundai Tucson Walks Away With NEMPA's Best SUV Under $28k

Every winter, members of the New England Motor Press Association put a group of vehicles through the harsh winter conditions on offer to figure out which ones are the best to handle Mother Nature. Recently, the association awarded the models that went above and beyond in the cold and snowy conditions.
Posted: June 5, 2016 - 11:21AM
Author: Will Maley

Hyundai would take home the 'Best in Class SUV less than $28,000' award for the 2016 Tucson. Yes, the name would make the think the compact SUV would be more at home in warm and desert conditions of Arizona. But Hyundai made sure the Tucson could handle any condition that was thrown at it. There are a choice of two four-cylinders - a 2.0L and a turbo 1.6L - that provide the right balance of power and fuel economy. Paired with the optional all-wheel drive system, and the Tuscon will have no problems of going down a snowy road.

It doesn't hurt that Tucson is one of the sharpest looking vehicles in the segment. The Tuscon was one of the first Hyundai vehicles to feature the company's fluidic sculpture design language.

WheelsTV has done a video going a bit more in-depth on how the Tucson took home NEMPA's award, which you can check out here.

Pic Credit: Hyundai