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Nissan LEAF Owners have always wanted this to happen, maybe it is closer than you think

New and amazing video shows Nissan's electric sports car ESFLOW in action - something LEAF owners always wanted.


As Nissan embarked on its Electric Vehicle Odyssey back in 2007 or so, its first car ended up becoming the world’s largest selling EV ever. To the Nissan loyalists that grew up with the great Z cars of old, the fan base had always been wondering if something might happen to the tried and true line of great sports cars that came from Nissan.

Back in 2011 we had a glimpse of the ESFLOW (Electric Sports Car Concept) at the Geneva Auto Show and Road and Track did this nice video showing us the nice lines of this concept car and it had impressive numbers tied to it as well. Could this be the EVeryday sports car EV for the masses like the Nissan LEAF is to the daily commuter today?

I am not sure, but today a video surfaced on Youtube which I hadn’t seen before and showed the ESFLOW concept in action. You can see the video below.

Is it becoming closer to reality? Will Nissan Launch this nice looking car?

ESFLOW Brief Review
The lines of ESFLOW are similar to the Nissan Z and the car has some impressive looking hatchback styling. This rear wheel drive, fast, zero to 60 in 5 second’s, car also boasts an aluminum chassis and a 150 mile stated range! If these numbers are correct, this is an EV car I’d be seriously interested in. As anyone that studies the car market knows, the 2 seater car market is always a niche to start with but at this point, having this concept car become a reality will go a long way to proving to the younger generation that EVs are the performance cars of the future. You can read more about the ESFLOW from Nissan’s website located here.

The 2011 introduction video of Nissan ESFLOW can be seen below.

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brian keez (not verified)    June 9, 2015 - 12:58AM

I'd prefer the Bladeglider but the Esflow will do. An all wheel drive, 40kwh Esflow would be a winner. Why not Nissan?