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Nissan Gripz: What if LEAF Wanted to be a Chevy Volt?

What if the Nissan LEAF crossed over to be a Chevy Volt? Would that increase market share? Is there a segment of young consumers that want a Crossover EV Performance car? The Nissan Gripz is a concept car that is extremely stylish for the younger generation and in this video it is screaming for attention.

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Taking the Nissan Juke and putting the Nissan Leaf’s Electric Motor in it and powering that motor with a gasoline engine has created a new segment of Hybrid Crossover. While the car looks interesting, I’m going to speculate about the performance of this car based on my knowledge of the Nissan Leaf’s electric motor.

At this point, the Nissan Leaf is by far, one of the most fun cars to drive of any car I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving. The 80Kw Asynchronous Motor is powerful off the line and would be powered via a gas generator. This Volt type set up is an interesting idea if they get it right. Taking the instant torque from the electric motor and then switching it over to fully gas powered when the motor hits torque range of the gas engine, let it take over.

Since Nissan has the experience with the Electric side of the equation, it will be interesting to see the impact this gas engine will have on the performance of the car.

Since the old Z car was a smashing success in its day, I’m sure this one has some legs if it makes it into production.

Interesting developments are happening in electric car community. Two days ago Porsche revealed an all-electric Mission E Concept with some amazing numbers and unknown price.

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