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Electric Vehicle Owners Why did you get your EV?

Why do you have an Electric Vehicle? You could have been like 99% of the population and got yourself a gas car to drive around in but you are different. You had real reasons to be the early adopters in this niche auto category. You stepped up and jumped into a brand new modern day market. I’m interested in understanding the reasons why.

I can think of a list of reasons why I got into electric cars but what about you. I’m sure you can give some reasons and the decisions you came to that made the EV really hit the spot. Well, here are my all-time favorite reasons to get into driving electric and they are not in any particular order.

1) An EV Mile is cheaper than a Gas mile.

2) Its full every morning because you can fill up at home (while you sleep)

3) Its quiet

4) Its got instant torque from zero RPMs

5) I don’t have to sit at a gas station

6) It lowers my carbon footprint

7) It has tax incentives and toll incentives because it is a “green car’

Now, I recently wrote an article about the high sales rates of EVs in Norway and did some more researching into why that is actually happening

SEE HERE: 26% of New Car Sales in this Country are EVs

One possible reason is the tax incentives that the government has given to the electric cars there. Free tolls being one of them. After thinking about this some more, could it be that the government incentives are the reason for the high sales rate. If that alone is the case, then government legislative lobbying could potentially kill an industry.

Therefore, what is the real reason that you got into EVs? If you are like me, the government subsidy was really not even a consideration in my case as the benefits of the car itself was the real reason for me to get into the car in the first place. One big reason for the incentives in the US is to offset the high initial purchase price. While I can see this as a big carrot, I still think that there are less expensive gas cars one could get instead of into an EV. Therefore, the tax incentives alone can’t be the main driver of this recent Norway Sales trend or could it. What do you think?


Jon (not verified)    September 22, 2015 - 11:03AM

I have a journeyman electrician's license and a electronics technician certificate. How could I buy a gas vehicle again? But mostly to show people that it is possible to be more green, even in the cold, cold winters of Manitoba. It has been working well, people are starting to take notice of the savings, both in the pocket book and for the environment.