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Audi Possibly Converting This Popular Model as Tesla Model X Competitor

Audi is noticing there is an electric car competitive threat and look what it is possibly doing.


For a long time Audi has been going down the Diesel road with its line of cars and shunned the idea of going Electric. A friend of mine works at an Audi dealer and for years, I have been asking him when we were going to see Electric Vehicles coming from Audi.

Rumors have been circulating that A6 would be Audi’s head to head competitor to Tesla. Scott Keogh is the President of Audi North America and he has stated that he sees the EV and PHEV market growing to about 25% share of the 16 Million USA market. It currently sits at about 3 percent today. They expect to have at least 8 pluggable cars out by 2018 and they expect the market to transition from PHEVs to EVs as the infrastructure continues to be rolled out.

The Audi A6 is supposed to be Tesla’s Model X’s main competitor. This car will be released in 2018, it will have all wheel drive and will be an SUV.

So have they felt the pressure and moved away from diesel? Time will tell.

Back in 2008 when I was at green fair after green fair listening to the “clean diesel” talk from the Audi Associates, I was wondering when their management was going to see the light that Electric Vehicles are the future. Some people get it early, others it will take longer to accept and all of the people that work at Big Oil will be noticing more and more the slowing of Demand for their product for the transportation sector.

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