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5 Key takeaways from recent EV owners study conducted by Ford

Since Ford recently released their MyFordMobile iPhone and Android app this week, I was in discussions with them and Ford was kind enough to share with me the results of a recent survey they did of 10,000 Electric Car owners.

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The findings will really help show the mindset of many EV owners and I hope will help Ford become more of a leader in this growing niche market. While the Ford Focus electric is a great car, it lacks a 480v fast charger option and I strongly recommend that for future versions of the car they include one. Also, it would be great for Ford to lead with a longer range Focus EV. Since the Chevy Bolt and the Nissan Leaf’s 2017 version are both going to be capable of 200+ miles of EV range, Ford should be ready with a Focus version that has increased range. This is all great news for the electric car world.

Now back to the survey. Surveys bring about lots of great insight and this survey was no different. For example here are 5 insights you can get from this information:

  1. Renewable Energy: 83 percent of EV drivers will consider or have already installed adding solar panels to charge their vehicles at home for an emission-free driving experience that also saves them money.
  2. Future EVs: 92 percent of battery electric and 94 percent of PHEV drivers plan to purchase another EV in the future.
  3. Smart phones are the most commonly used platform for EV owners, as they use apps to check the battery's charge, start climate control functions, and review charge statuses.
  4. The most requested smart phone features include vehicle health alerts, public charging station locator, charging time indicators, and reserving and paying for charging functions.
  5. Home charging: Almost half of PHEV drivers and more than ¼ of battery electric drivers use conventional outlets (120/110v) at home. 88% of EV drivers want a fast charger in the home.

So since 88% of EV drivers would like a fast charger in their home (at least 240v Level II) it makes sense that they might want to drive further than local routes so a CHAdeMO or CCS (J1772 DC Fast Charger) option should be included.

I’m not sure about you but I can’t imagine driving an EV with only a 120v/110v charge option. That is just too slow a charge around my house.

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