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Jaguar walks a thin line between modern design and classic style

Automakers face the difficult task of pushing their brand forward with new styling while paying tribute to the classic lines of their vintage cars. Can Jaguar build a modern interpretation of a timeless design?


Every automaker in business today has the difficult job of building cars that can appeal across a wide range of taste. The key is to blend the classic and distinctive looks with new and modern styling. They employ designers and stylist who bring multiple designs to the company execs and pitch new ideas. They draft up some wild and crazy concept ideas while trying to gauge the mood of the consumers who will ultimately be the customers they try to reach. Every now and then the hit a home run like they did with the F-Type, but the brand can’t sustain success on one car.

The major hurdle is coming up with a fresh design that brings an all-new look for the brand. If they bring this new trendy design to market, will the loyal “long time” fans of the brand like it or will they cry foul at the cookie cutter lines? The rub becomes pleasing both crowds, if you build a car that appeals to the loyal fans it may be too dated to some, the fresh designs may be a turn off for long time enthusiasts.

How can they mesh the perfect blend of both and keep the loyal fans happy? If Jaguar is going to build a vehicle that attracts new potential owners they have to head off in a new direction. Many call the all-new XE stunning, but others think its looks too much like a BMW or Audi (their strongest competition). Others say Jaguar need to be bold, distinctive, and carry on the wow factory that has always set them apart from the competitors.

Like I have been reporting, Jaguar is about to wow us with new models and cutting edge designs, but will they be able to make their mark in an ever changing auto market? One thing is for sure Jaguar will never stop making great vehicles that offer stunning looks, staggering performance, and the iconic nameplate that displays sophistication inside and out.

When you take a Jaguar out for a night on the town or that long road trip, you do so in style. Watch what happens when others see your car, they are not able to resist that second look. I hear so many Jaguar owners talk about the compliments they get on their cars. From the classic E-Type to the modern XE, Jaguar has an alluring effect on fans from all walks of life and that’s the philosophy they build into every vehicle that leaves the factory.