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My 4 Plausible Predictions About The 2026 Toyota Corolla

The 2026 Toyota Corolla is another chance for Toyota to add to the legend, and here's what we might get.

The twelfth-generation Toyota Corolla continues the legacy of the Japanese bestseller that first appeared in 1966. For the 2025 model year, the Toyota Corolla remains unchanged, and an all-new generation is coming in 2026. While there is much we still don't know about the upcoming, thirteenth-generation Toyota Corolla, each carmaker has obvious patterns when it comes to redesigning a model.  

These typically concern the design, technology, and drivetrain aspects of the car. Based on what I have seen from Toyota so far as well as insider information, here are some plausible predictions about the 2026 Toyota Corolla and what you can expect. 

The 2026 Toyota Corolla will have more hybrid powertrains, but won't be hybrid-only 

For 2026, electrification will, likely, become more extensive in the Corolla lineup, but a non-hybrid Corolla will still be offered

Toyota's latest models feature the company's fifth-generation hybrid powertrains. For 2025, Toyota Camry became a hybrid-only model, and we know the Japanese carmaker will do the same with the next-generation Toyota RAV4.  

The thing about hybrid powertrains, however, is that they are more expensive, and Toyota will, likely, not risk making the Corolla too pricy. Currently, the Corolla offers a 1.8-liter FHEV powertrain and a 2.0-liter non-hybrid model.  

Plug-in hybrids have become quite popular, mostly, due to the ability to be charged in your household and the ability to be driven purely on electricity. Although Toyota Corolla currently doesn't offer a PHEV, it could be a great idea for the next generation.

This will likely be a more powerful variant, similar to what we see on the RAV4 Prime, but if Toyota decides to add it to their light passenger cars, it is likely, that a PHEV option will first be made available on the Camry.  

A new design, similar to the Toyota Camry 

Considering the latest trends in the automotive industry, there is a high probability that the next-generation Toyota Corolla would, essentially, be a scaled-down Toyota Camry in terms of styling. Toyota's new corporate look, at least when it comes to its light passenger vehicles, features a signature front-end design, incorporating an element resembling a hammerhead shark nose.

The Camry and Prius, both, feature it, so we could see it on the 2026 Corolla as well. As always, the Corolla will be offered in sedan and hatchback form, with a station wagon being available for certain markets like Europe and Australia. 

A revised GR Corolla 

A new Toyota GR Corolla is to be expected at some point, after the next-generation Corolla arrives in 2026

Toyota GR Yaris recently got a comprehensive refresh, which improved the performance and reliability of the Japanese hot hatchback. Toyota GR Corolla shares the same engine, and since the GR Yaris has more power, it is logical that when the next iteration of the high-performance Toyota Corolla arrives, it will feature similar improvements to the new GR Yaris. It almost goes without saying, but it is unlikely that a next-generation Toyota GR Corolla will become a hybrid.  

An opportunity for Toyota to use old nameplates more appropriately 

I recently did an article on iconic Toyota nameplates that should be brought back and I think the Corolla Levin and Trueno are two that the brand should definitely consider reviving. The Levin is currently a rebadged Corolla for the Chinese market, but if Toyota turns the Levin and Trueno into special trim levels, bridging the gap between the vanilla trims and the GR Corolla, it would be a great thing to do.  

I hope someone from Toyota is reading this. I am hopeful since Toyota listened to the fans and blessed the GR Supra with a manual transmission. What is your take on the 2026 Toyota Corolla and what novelties are you hoping to see? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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Image sources: 2025 Toyota Corolla, 2024 Toyota GR Corolla