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LucidAir Reviews Are Now Everywhere

Lucid Motors has been in the limelight lately with social media influencers and celeberties making LucidAir reviews. This has been terrific for Lucids brand and exactly what Lucid motors needs to be the next household brand.If Lucids brand grows, so will the $LCID stock price.


Lucid Motors Reviews

Now that LucidAirs have started to be delivered to customers and celebrities. We are now seeing more content made for Lucid Motors. It is a similar way that Tesla got free marketing. Lucid has now built up its brand so reviewing a LucidAir or owning one is cool. Lucids brand is based on luxury and that is the same way people feel when they own this car, drive it and show it off. LucidAir is a real head turner, each and every large influencer like Jon Rettinger that does a LucidAir review, more people are going to get introduced to the brand.

That free marketing is so important for Lucid Motors, because they can both save the marketing budget like Tesla and put that money into the growth expansion.

Orlando Bloom Was Spotted In A LucidAir

Megastar Orlando Bloom looked very cool in the stunning LucidAir. Sources say that he was picking up his LucidAir, which would be fantastic for the Lucid brand. Lucid Motors is arguably the leader in luxury electric vehicles. They will market to very wealthy people as well as some celebrities. Lucid has stated that they will be making a less expensive vehicle in the price range of $69,000 and hope for a $35k or $25k vehicle in the future. That would certainly make Lucid investors happy, and increase their reach for more customers and supporters in the future.

If it is indeed Orlando Bloom's new vehicle, then I wonder if any of his friends or family are going to be envious and buy their own Lucid? Many people love LucidAir and they have been raking up nominations and awards. Orlando Bloom will not be the last high profile celebrity to find Lucid Air and buy the vehicle for beauty, performance, and for the best range in the world.

The List Of The LucidAir Reviews

We had some pretty amazing LucidAir reviews recently and some that have yet to come out. Meet Kevin released his review that ended up with a horrendous Lucid Motors auto parking job, and a new video where Meet Kevins Lucid Air was towed because of a wheel issue.

Tesla_Raj had also uploaded a video about the LucidAir against the Tesla Model S Plaid to see which vehicle was better than the other.

The best review of all was Jon Rettinger's Lucid Air review that had several teasers and was well worth the wait. We saw unbelievable drone shots of the LucidAir in action. Paired with terrific views, the LucidAir review was definitely a must watch for Lucid fans and LucidAir admirers.

Doug Munro is uploading his lucidAir video tomorrow, which should be a good one. There have been some previews of his video as well.
LucidAir is starting to become more well known and every LucidAir delivered is going to be another chance at a potential customer and fan for Lucid Motors. That is why their 2022 expansion is such a big deal. We are seeing plenty of videos about Lucid, the brand is building each and every video that comes out.

My Opinion On The LucidAir

The LucidAir is an amazing vehicle and the reviews really helped showcase some of Lucids strengths and showed some ways that they could make their vehicle even better with a more luxurious experience for LucidAir owners. I have always been surprised that Lucid Motors was not talked about, now we are seeing influencers and celebrities take notice of the most luxurious EV companies and one that is capable of incredibly long, sustained, success. I am very excited to be a part of both the Lucid community and a fan of LucidAir.

Anthony Donati focuses on electric vehicles and renewable energy companies. He covers Lucid Motors news at Torque News. Please follow him on Twitter at @TheLucidVerse for daily Lucid Motors news. He has a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. DISCLAIMER: Anthony is a Lucid Motors (LCID) stock holder.

Images Courtesy of Lucid Motors Gallery