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Lucid Releases Video Recap of Inaugural Rally, Customer Deliveries

Video recap features plenty of footage of Lucid Airs out in the real world in customer hands at last.

Lucid Motors has released an official video recap of October 30th's Lucid Rally and what a special day it was. For customers and company alike the rally marked a milestone in Lucid's history and the happiness (and relief!) is clear to see.

The First of Many
The owners of around 20 Air Dream Editions were given breakfast at Lucid's headquarters in Newark, California before the cars were presented to them by CEO Peter Rawlinson outside in the grounds. From there it was off onto the rally route with opportunities for photos and videos along the way.

The shot of the Airs gliding silently past the camera in single file was especially poignant, as it has taken so much work to get these cars out onto public roads. There's also a great shot of one after another Air looking totally planted on the road as they round a long, sweeping bend. Here's to many more Lucid Airs on the road soon.

Video and cover image: California Dream Deliveries | Lucid Motors by Lucid Motors is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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