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Lucid Publishes Holiday Photos Featuring Sleek New Roof Box Accessory

Lucid used the Christmas season to full effect for photo opportunities featuring frunks full of presents, holiday dogs, and overjoyed new owners, but we're most interested in the upcoming roof box.

Every car company should know how to use the tidings of the season to full marketing effect, and Lucid Motors is no different. The brand's Twitter account has been positively overflowing with Christmas cheer recently, with images of happy be-antlered dogs and customers receiving their Air Dream Editions just in time for the holidays. More on that to come, but first lets look at this new roof box.

Smooth Up Top
This is, as yet, the first "official" accessory we've seen for the Lucid Air. I say that because there's no confirmation that Lucid will make and sell the aerodynamic cargo box, though they didn't rule it out in a reply to a tweet asking them to offer it:

We know the Air comes with mounting points for a roof rack, so there's definitely potential for this handsome storage solution to become a reality. There's no word on accessories on Lucid's website yet, likely because they're focusing on getting cars out the door before turning attention to bells and whistles like this. Still, it looks great, doesn't it? With Lucid's obsession with efficiency anything that gets bolted to the roof has got to be slick.

Jingle All The Way
Of all the recently-published delivery photos, this one's got to be the most seasonally appropriate featuring a customer in Idaho, snowy log cabin, dog and all, taking possession of his Lucid Air on Christmas Day:

It wasn't all snow and ice though, as this video of a delivery being made in the dead of night to warmer climes demonstrates.

And, as promised, here are the cute dogs, presents, and Christmas decorations.

We here at Torque News hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season, and we look forward to bringing you stories from Lucid and across the automotive world in 2022.

Images by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 2.0.

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