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Lucid Air Dream Edition: King Of The EVs

EV tester Bjorn Nyland takes a Lucid Air Dream Edition for a range-testing spin around Oslo to find out if it's really the longest-range EV on the market.

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The Lucid Air Dream Edition has been put through its long-range paces by popular EV YouTuber Bjorn Nyland and has claimed the throne as the longest-range vehicle he's tested on his channel to date.

Using a Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance for the test, Bjorn started out from the center of Oslo in the 1111 horsepower luxury EV before heading out onto the highway route that he's used in previous tests.

A gold Lucid Air Dream Edition is pictured parked at an Electrify America charger bathed in green light.Infotainment Bugs
While the car performed exceptionally well in the tests, its infotainment system did present a couple of puzzling bugs. Certain songs wouldn't play unless Bjorn skipped to them with the forward/back "buttons" and the Lucid's trip computer refused to rest itself despite multiple attempts with the car in park, neutral and drive.

On the plus side, Bjorn praised the Dream Edition's massage seats which he said were much more powerful than the ones found in high-end German EVs. Back in May 2022 Lucid announced that a new run of Air Dream Editions would be built to celebrate the marque's European launch in addition to the vehicles built for the Air's US debut.

"One of the fastest cars, and it has the longest range and ultra-low consumption and it charges the fastest, four things that this car just does really really well."

The Air Dream Edition Performance ended up topping the long range leaderboard and garnered a lot of praise from Nyland along the way. The objective test shows that the hardware capability is already there in the Lucid Air, and once the software bugs are ironed out things will only get better. The same goes for charging, which took longer than expected with the car displaying a message saying that this was down to the charger, not its own ability to take on power.

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Check out the full video below:

Images by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 4.0.

James Walker is an Automotive Journalist at Torque News focusing on Lucid Motors. If it's got wheels he's interested, and he's looking forward to seeing what kind of cars the EV revolution brings us. Whether it's fast, slow, new, or old, James wants to have a look around it and share it in print and on video, ideally with some twisty roads involved. You can connect with James on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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