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What is so great about 2017 Civic Type-R?

We come across a rather long and windy country road ran video of Honda Civic Type-R with YouTuber’ ThrobbNation at the wheel. So, what is so great about 2017 Civic Type-R?


Hey, what can I tell you? It’s Friday night, and time to go home for the week, and I need one last story line! While that reads true for most working stiffs, Torque News is a virtual office, and open 7 days a week, with no set hours. Nonetheless, we love a good Civic Type-R read, in this case, a decent enough video, and bring it to you for your viewing enjoyment.

So, what is so great about Civic Type-R?

Personally, the more I drive Type-R , the more I like it. Honda’s only Civic to (ever) wear the Type-R designation in the 4 decade history of the mark, is high output turbocharged, fuel injected, cylinder managed, internal combustion magic! Type-R’s high torque output, 306 sprint throttle-by-wire peak horsepower tells a very small part of what Civic Type-R truly is.

As ThrobbNation talks on about the ride quality of Civic Type-R, I’m reminded of our recent 800 mile 2-day roundabout to the California Redwoods. Type-R turns heads everywhere it goes. It’s unique racetrack inspired and tested bodyline, suspension, and form fitted, high bolstered sport seat, takes the factory track ready turbocharged hot hatchback to the next level of comfort and utility meets, form, function, and in-your-face throttle enabled adrenalin rush. This Type-R is at home on the road as it is on the track.

Civic_Type_R_McCantsGot to be honest with you, I didn’t watch the full 11 minute Civic Type-R love fest

Well there you go. Take a look at the attached video and leave your thought provoking comments bellow. And then, please share! Thanks.