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We explore the 2017 Honda Accord Online Build Site

Honda Motors is known for a user friendly online ‘shop and buy experience.’ I take a look at Honda’s newest build site for the carry over 2017 Honda Accord.

As a research based auto journalist, I spend many hours on the Web viewing auto manufacturer's websites, some are better than others. I’ve applauded Honda in the past for providing consumers with a rather seamless, near intuitive online shop and model build experience. I like American Honda’s online shopping format, it’s easy, with no hidden costs or MSRP add on.

Tuesday afternoon found Honda-Torque News exploring the just released 2017 Honda Accord. Being a carryover from 2016, I didn’t expect any surprises here, I wasn’t disappointed. However, what I did discover is a fast moving, ever changing visual experience laced with pertinent specifications, reasonable option combinations, and what I’ve grown to acknowledge as possibly the most transparent build-site in the auto industry today. Read about the 2017 Accord Sport S.E. here.

Honda’s web presence is key to the brands unprecedented success

Like I said, no surprises, and I like that when shopping for a new car. American Honda Motors starts by holding the base model Accord LX(MSRP $22,350+) to within $150 of the outgoing model year. That’s an amazing accomplishment in an age of fluctuating world currency, runaway inflated grocery prices, and uncertain import part supply chains. Read our V6 Accord Coupe Touring drive review here.

I kick the base LX up a notch with an option or two

With 7 Accord trim levels presented for 2017, including the leather clad 2017 Accord Sport S.E., the pre packaged trim options are pretty good. However, being curious as to how far I could take the base LX without bumping bumpers with the mid trim offerings, I played with Honda’s build tool a bit, and came up with a no compromise active safety rich Accord that met my needs, or the the wife’s anyway.

My base model 2.4 liter i-VTEC 4 cylinder 185 horsepower Accord with a CVT transmission upgrade, rear bumper backup sensors, an interior illumination option and Honda Sensing ™ active safety suite totalled out to MSRP $25,629, approximately $3200 less than the mid trim EX-L. I don’t get Apple Carplay, but hey, I don’t use it.

At any rate, a great online shopping experience for all Honda fans. Check it out here.

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