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Popular Science likes 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan for what’s new

Bellwether publication Popular Science Magazine just acknowledged 2018 Honda Odyssey for a feature unique to the brand. What is it, and why doesn’t Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna have it?


Granted, I’m way past the age of wrangling children in and out of a minivan, while hoping that I make it across town without inner-family crisis or catastrophe. But I get it, and so do our friends at Honda. Beginning with an integrated on-board shop vac, Good Housekeeping likes Honda Odyssey.

It would appear that the more scientific among us appreciate 2018 Honda Odyssey for it’s ease of personal electronic connectivity, available 4G hotspot, and in the case of Popular Science, the only on board Cabin Watch ™ center stack monitored, night vision capable, verbal and visual kid monitor available in the minivan segment today.

Honda News announced Wednesday that Popular Science Magazine has acknowledged the very innovative 2018 Honda Odyssey with the coveted “2017 Best of What’s New” award, for it’s innovative "CabinWatch" technology. We first experienced 2018 Odyssey on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Popular Science tells us: "The Best of What's New awards honor the innovations that shape the future," says Joe Brown, Editor in Chief, Popular Science. "From life-saving technology to incredible space engineering to gadgets that are just breathtakingly cool, this is the best of what's new."

*The 2018 Odyssey offers a broad range of active and passive safety features, including Honda Sensing, which can help drivers avoid a collision or mitigate its severity and is now standard on EX and above trims. Honda Sensing technologies include Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) with Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).

Nead it or not, 2018 Honda Odyssey CabinWatch is cool stuff

Last Summer, yours truly had the opportunity to experience the reinvented 2018 Honda Odyssey on the road to Kona. Kids in tow or not, Odyssey is a very comfortable, and surprisingly quiet minivan, offering several segment firsts, proprietary to the maker.

Honda_Odyssey_Kona_McCantsWhat I discovered to be exceptional with 2018 Honda Odyssey: Beyond the newfound engine power, 10 speed automatic transmission, comfort, quiet, and ride refinement that is 2018 Honda Odyssey, is the driver or front passenger's access to cabin-wide voice command, and second and third row on-monitor visual surveillance -- a very handy feature when hauling the tribe from A to B, or parts unknown. Read more about Cabin Watch here.

Photo attributions Parks McCants 2017 * American Honda Motors 2017