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Honda Urban EV Concept hints to a well connected carbon-free society

As automotive designers and engineers envision a future where the car is electric, intuitive, and an extension of one’s self, Honda Motor Company presents a concept in Tokyo that personifies the next generation of attainable personal transportation.


Granted, it will take some time to transition from internal combustion motivated cars and light trucks presently congesting our roads and highways, to a grid integrated, mostly autonomous fleet of compact, electrified personal transportation pods. Too “Blade Runner” for you? Too bad, change is coming. And, according to several well researched sources, electric will be the automotive motivator of choice within 2-generation automotive development cycles. Honda Clarity FCV gives us a glimpse into the future.

According to Green Car Journal’s Ron Cogan, EV development has reached a tipping point

Looking to the International Auto Show circuit of the past few years, one can’t escape the reality that vehicle electrification rolls hand in hand with advance accident avoidance and autonomous driving technology vehicle integration. Today’s advanced car is in many regards an appliance employed in the easing of the daily grind, entertainment, and as an escape if you will, from busy urbane office confinement. Read Ron Cogan’s slant on the future of the electric car here. It’s exciting!

In the words of CMF Designer Sayuri Nakasawa

"In the future society of mobility, the connection between people and cars should drastically change. I’d want my car to be a cute partner. A calming influence. Like air, just there.
I hope for many people, cars become something that’s more accessible, more a part of ordinary life. That’s what I had in mind when designing the Sports EV Concept," says Nakassawa-san.

Now, what if you could talk to your car; send it off to the corner market, or transport the kids to school without a driver at the wheel? What if your car was programmed to give you helpful verbal suggestions? What if your car was as comfortable as a living room, and required no more effort to drive than manipulating the mouse at your desk top? That’s the future of personal transportation as demonstrated by this automated Chrysler Pacifica in Phoenix, Arizona.

With 28 million customers counted worldwide, Honda Motor Company embraces electric on its quest for a Carbon Free Society; and demonstrates the dedicated well though passion of a mostly young engineering and design team through the rolling manifestation of the Urbane EV Concept. In the meantime, I just drove the most advanced, fuel efficient, hybrid Accord in Honda history.