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Honda Type-R World Car Refinement Revealed in Video

Available for purchase in the U.S. for less than a month, the “Type-R designation celebrates 25 years in Japan and Europe. What does the 10th generation ultimate performance Civic bring to the United States?


Undoubtedly the most dynamic looking Civic to run the streets of North America, 2017 Civic Type-R is now available for purchase from your local Honda Dealer. However, the most powerful factory Civic ever produced remains rare with fewer than 2500 earmarked for delivery to the United States in 2017.

Torque News was assured recently by Honda that availability will increase for 2018, along with MSRP stability, as demand generated widespread price speculation subsides. I was one of the first journalist in the U.S. to spend a week behind the wheel of Civic Type-R. This car is a game changer for Honda, and redefines the compact high performance hatchback segment. My Subaru WRX performance driving son was impressed by Civic Type-R.

2017 Civic Type-R performance as well on the street as it does on the track

Watch Honda Europe’s latest Civic Type-R video, as the maker celebrates the 25th anniversary of the iconic Type-R brand. This track tested, world record holding “hot hatch” thanks to 3 drive modes, active adaptive dampening, and a double wishbone rear suspension, is very comfortable on the road, as well as club-car track ready right off the dealership floor.