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Honda Demonstrates Award Winning Self Balancing Motorcycle in Video

What happens when the world's-biggest motorcycle brand applies technology developed in a robotics lab and apply it to a street bike? As reported earlier by Torque News, there’s more to Honda’s self-balancing motorcycle than initially meets the eye.

I first reported on Honda’s Motorcycle Riding Assist Technology from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Like something straight out of your favorite Sci-Fi movie, Honda’s slow to no speed self-balancing stability technology not only increases slow speed handling safety, while reducing ‘weight and balance’ motorcycling handling fatigue,(as experienced when riding through slow or stop and go traffic) but actually enables a motorcycle to follow you (without rider) to your parking place of choice.

There’s some benefits here beyond rider safety

When we take the the weight and balance factor out of street-bike-commuting, rider fatigue is greatly reduced -- as is the struggle between bike and rider when transitioning on or off of a kick or center stand -- or the balancing act engaged while backing into a parking stall or curbside parking spot. Read my original take on this technology here.

My hat's off to Honda for winning 3 awards at CES Las Vegas -- “Best Innovation,” Best Automotive Technology,” and “Editor’s Choice” from our friends at Popular Mechanics Magazine.” Well done Honda!

In the following video watch Honda Japan demonstrate the benefits of the first self balancing “Riding Assist “ technology of its kind in the motorcycle industry.